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  • AG Mortgage Investment Trust

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The crash of October 2007 was caused by banks who combined good and bad mortgages in a product called mortgage backed securities that they sold to the market.

  • Another "Foreign" Investment?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On August 15, I wrote an article, "Investing Foreign?" where I stated that if you want to invest outside the United States, there was no better country to consider than Canada. Here is another income trust worth looking at.

  • Boston Pizza Income Fund A Tasty Investment

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When times are tough, traders turns to interest and dividends.

  • Changing tides in the investment software market by Thomas A. Rorro

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Changing tides in the investment software market by Thomas A. Rorro Remarkably, the investment software industry is on the threshold of a major transition. In the near future, it will no longer be economical to buy investment software. Instead you will

  • Computer Investment Software by Technical Analysis, Inc.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Computer Investment Software by Technical Analysis, Inc. A/R Graphics REINHART INDUSTRIES 1250 OAKMEAD PKY STE 210 SUNNYVALE, CA 94088 408-738-2311 This is a program used by investors to determine their daily orders and to test out their trading method

Computer-Assisted Investment Handbook

  • Currency Investment With Tactical Trading by John Beatty

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Currency Investment With Tactical Trading by John Beatty Foreign currency deposit accounts -- for German Deutschemarks, British pounds and so forth--are not routinely available in the cities and towns of the United States. In fact, before January 1989, fe

  • Don't Always Take Investment Advice From The Radio

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The commercial advertisement says to buy natural gas now because it always goes up in the winter...but data shows that's only true for part of the winter.

  • Finding Value Statistically: Geraldine Weiss of Investment Quality Trends by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Interview: Geraldine Weiss of Investment Quality Trends by Thom Hartle Have you ever wondered about how to find real value in the markets? Well, this may be the solution to your problem. Geraldine Weiss started the Investment Quality Trends newsletter i

  • Grow And Protect: An Investment Strategy For Retirement

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here's one way to earn double-digit returns while preserving a retirement nest egg.

  • Hidden Investment Gems, As In Royalty Stocks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The best investments are typically the ones that no one hears about until it's too late -- royalty stocks may be that kind of investment today.

  • Holly Frontier A Possible Investment?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In today's uncertain and volatile market, looking for future investments is always a plus. Holly Frontier may be worth a look.

  • How To Be An Investment Survivor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The battle for investment survival has endured throughout the years.

  • Interview: Doug Fabian Of Fabian Investment Resources by Thom Hartle

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Keeping Investing Simple Doug Fabian Of Fabian Investment ResourcesFor mutual fund investors, one of the bestknown newsletters is Fabian Investment Resources, previously known as Telephone Switch Newsletter. It was begun by financial planner Dick Fabian,

  • Investment Candles by Thomas N. Bulkowski

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Which candlesticks work best as reversal or continuation patterns? Find out here. Investment-grade candlesticks work as reversal or continuation patterns at least two-thirds of the time (66%), and they are plentiful. By "plentiful," I mean that I so

  • Investment Clubs: There's Strength In Numbers

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are you awash in a sea of market data without any idea how to make sense of it, much less make a profit? Supported by a community of investors, you can learn how to invest and earn substantial returns.

  • Investment Software Benefits by Gerald Frankel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Investment Software Benefits by Gerald Frankel Is there a computer system for the professional technical analyst? In this article, we will take a candid look at a typical technical analyst's experiences with computers and software. Finding a computer s

  • Investment VS Trading In Covered Call Writing by Jay Kaeppel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With the investment approach, shares of stock are viewed as rental property and calls are written to generate additional income from what is expected to be a longer-term stock investment. The trading approach involves executing buy/writes based o

  • Is Two Harbors Investment Corp Headed For The Rocks?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been rough seas from some residential REITs and Two Harbors is no exception. And although the stock price has been rising since early October 2014, a chart pattern that has been building indicates possible trouble ahead.

  • Is Your Investment Portfolio Working Hard For You?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...You can invest randomly, or you can develop a financial plan.Is your investment portfolio working as hard for you as you worked to fund it? Are you following a reasoned, deliberate plan to meet your financial objectives, or is your portfolio a haphazard

  • Jim Owen On Professional Investment Managers by Mike Takano

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Jim Owen On Professional Investment Managers by Mike Takano Jim Owen is managing director of NWQ Investment Management Co. and author of The Prudent Investor, published by Probus Publishing Co. He is co-founder and executive vice president of the Invest

Options as a Strategic Investment

  • Probability of Investment Ruin by Sherwin Kalt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Probability of Investment Ruin by Sherwin Kalt When a client opens a managed account with as commodity trading advisor, the general practice is to specify a percentage loss at which the account will be closed. The natural question then arises as to what

  • Product Review: HGSI Investment Software

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Visual analytical software for evaluating 10,234 US securities and 178 industry groups (Bloomberg industry grouping), 1,577 ETFs/ETNs, and 580 closed-end funds

Quick Scan: Indigo Blue Chip Investment Strategies

Quick-Scans: Trading Financial Futures, Investment Shareware, Elliott Waves in Motion, and More

  • Reduce Your Investment Risks

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Were you caught in the Internet bubble or the collapse of Enron?


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...ASSESSING A SINGLE EQUITY INVESTMENT The total return on an equity investment reflects both capital gains and periodic income such as dividend payments. Specifically:



Strategic Investment Timing

  • Tax Breaks On Investment Expenses

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's never too early or too late to start thinking about your taxes. Here's a start.

  • Using A Constant Investment Size For Stock Trading Systems by Jack Schwager

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Using A Constant Investment Size For Stock Trading Systems by Jack Schwager The highest high to the lowest low in the price history of an individual stock can vary tremendously, especially when stock splits occur. This large range of price history can d

Working Money: Tax Breaks On Investment Expenses by Paul C. Adair

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