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  • An FX Strategy For Catching Falling Knives

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...When there's a considerable decline in a relatively short period of time, can that become a trading opportunity? It's all about timing, and you can't rush it. Here's how to go about it

  • Bond Markets & FX Effects

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The actions of the central banks have significant effects on the financial markets. In this article, we look at the bond markets to see how they can impact the forex markets

  • CME Euro FX Continuous Contract: Is The Trend Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The study of relationships between range and volume provides a valuable insight to market conditions.

  • Explore Trend Trading In FX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even if a market is trending, traders still need to manage their risks and positions. Here we explore the currency markets and discuss a technique you can apply so you aren't trapped in trades when the trend ends

  • FX Advantages And Alternative Opportunities

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis is well suited to forex trading, more so than other financial markets. Here's how you can combine technical setups with intermarket analysis to help unearth potential trading opportunities

  • Finding The Trend in FX With Tyler Yell

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tyler Yell, CMT, is a currency analyst and trading instructor for He began trading equities in his own account after graduating from Texas State University in 2005. He came to FXCM (which owns from JPMorgan Chase, where he began

  • Forex Focus: Major FX: Dollar, Euro, Pound by Shyam G. Devani

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Stocks & Commodities V. 24:7 (16-20): Forex Focus: Major FX: Dollar, Euro, Pound by Shyam G. Devani Access to foreign exchange trading has opened up exciting trading options for the retail trader. You can now trade alongside corporations and institution

  • Intermarket Analysis: Alternative Way Of Spotting Opportunities In FX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Looking for divergences between correlating markets can lead to FX trading opportunities.

Product Review: FX Solutions GTS by David Penn

  • Straddles In FX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...News releases around the world can impact the currency markets. How can you take advantage of trading opportunities that can come up? Here's a profitable trading strategy you can apply to forex trades

  • The FX Daily Conundrum by Kristian Kerr

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The FX Daily Conundrum by Kristian Kerr Hours And Days - The FX Daily Conundrum In a 24-hour market, what is the best time frame to use when looking at charts? The rising popularity of foreign exchange trading over the past few years has been impressi

  • Trading Support & Resistance Levels In FX

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The forex markets typically move in a zigzag fashion, and that makes entry and exit decisions challenging. Here we look at a few tried and true methods to identify strong support & resistance levels in the forex markets

  • Using Scaling Laws For FX Trading Models: A Two-Dimensional Extension

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Previously, we looked at how scaling laws can be used to predict the behavior of forex (FX) data. In this follow-up article, we look at how scaling laws can be extended into two dimensions: volatility and price change thresholds. Now, using two-dimension

  • Using Scaling Laws For The Development Of FX Trading Models

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can the fractal properties of financial time data be used to develop effective trading models? Here's a look at using scaling laws, which describe fractal behavior, for the development of trading models for forex

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