Fibonacci Time Sequences 
Mark Rivest -- 03/14/19
See how time could be used to find market turns. RN Elliott not only discovered the wave principle but also discovered that market movements can be measured using the Fibonacci sequence. Utilizing th...(more)

Anatomy Of A Low: Order Flow And Order Book Data Provide Insight 
Taylor Ireland -- 03/14/19
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the development of support for Thursday, March 7, 2019. Market structure and o...(more)

Fibonacci Confluence With Other Tools Provide Better Trading Signals 
Fawad Razaqzada -- 03/07/19
Examining Fibonacci levels and confirming technical tools....(more)

Boeing - King Of All Stocks 
Mark Rivest -- 03/07/19
Learn why this aerospace & defense company is a key stock market indicator....(more)

Discovering Market Tops With Fibonacci Extensions 
Mark Rivest -- 03/01/19
See how major peaks could be found months, or years, in advance....(more)

Crude Oil And Stock Market Connection 
Mark Rivest -- 02/21/19
The relationship of Crude Oil and Stocks could reveal economic weakness....(more)

Taking A Look At NOW 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 02/21/19
ServiceNow (NOW) has recently been notching impressive gains in its share price with its recent quarterly earnings surprise. What do the technicals say about the current trend continuing?

Fallacy Of Adjusting Stop Loss To Breakeven
Fawad Razaqzada -- 02/21/19
Tightening the stop loss is a key risk management concept, but moving it to breakeven for no technical reason invites subjectivity in your decision-making, potentially preventing yourself from making ...(more)

International Stock Market Relationships 
Mark Rivest -- 02/14/19
Divergences between US, German and Mexican stock markets could forecast the next buying opportunity....(more)

Trading Earnings Gaps 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 02/14/19
Gaps are areas on a price chart where no trading has taken place during a certain trading period. There could be any number of reasons for the presence of gaps, but one of the most common is a quarter...(more)

Using History To Forecast The Future
Mark Rivest -- 02/07/19
See how the S&P 500 in 1998 could give clues to 2019....(more)

From KORS to CPRI 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 02/07/19
Michael Kors acquired Jimmy Choo for $896 million in 2017 and Versace for $2.1 billion in 2018. The company also changed its name to Capri Holdings (CPRI). With these two acquisitions, CPRI looks set ...(more)

Electric Vehicles Sales are Accelerating. Check Out This Up and Comer 
Matt Blackman -- 01/31/19
As electric vehicle options and sales ramp up, here is one inexpensive stock to consider....(more)

Outlook For US Stocks In 2019 
Mark Rivest -- 01/31/19
Elliott wave analysis provides important directional clues. The sharp decline of US stocks in December 2018 created doubt about the bull market that began in March 2009. The S&P 500 (SPX) broke below...(more)

Will Gold Finally Break $1300 Hurdle? 
Fawad Razaqzada -- 01/29/19
We are nearing the end of January already, so it might be a good time to wonder what the rest of 2019 will bring for investors. In this report, I will share my thoughts on metal prices....(more)

When Hammers Fail 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 01/29/19
The hammer is one of the classic candlestick chart patterns that studies have shown tend to be more reliable than other candlestick patterns. But as sometimes happens, even the most reliable of patter...(more)

Could Tesla be Going to Mars? 
Mark Rivest -- 01/17/19
See what factors could cause its stock to rise dramatically....(more)

Stella Osoba, CMT -- 01/17/19
With the partial government shut down now breaking records as the longest in U.S. history, some 800,000 furloughed workers are facing varying levels of financial insecurity. According to a 2017 report...(more)

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