Buffett Indicator Takes a Pause - Should we be concerned?
Matt Blackman -- 01/13/22
A quick look at the market in charts...(more)

Gap Higher Open Offers Asymmetric Potential In WTI Crude 
Taylor Ireland -- 01/13/22
In this article, we examine the market structure of a Gap Higher Open in the WTI futures market that resulted in a continuation of the rally to 73.04s on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Market structure pr...(more)

WTI Weekly: The $65 Option Wall Served As Support Into Late November. 
Taylor Ireland -- 12/16/21
In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the sell-off and subsequent rally at key support on Tuesday, November 30, 2021...(more)

Natural Gas' COT & Price Structure Suggest Further Upside Lays Ahead 
Taylor Ireland -- 12/16/21
Analysis of derivatives informs a risk management process. Recent COT data reflects meaningful short posture by leveraged participants continues. Leveraged capital posture and total open interest rema...(more)

Timing The Trade - Knowing When To Switch Horses 
Matt Blackman -- 11/24/21
Careful analysis is one essential component of making successful trades. Admitting you were wrong is another....(more)

US Stock Bull Market Could End in December 2021 
Mark Rivest -- 11/24/21
Time cycles and momentum indicate a major top could be forming.


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