A Look At Microsoft 
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/02/18
Microsoft shares have been one of the best performing stocks since 2013. What's in store for the future?...(more)

When A Bank Says Buy 
Koos van der Merwe -- 08/02/18
A major bank of Canada issued a list of stocks to buy....(more)

Stock Market Time Tunnel 
Mark Rivest -- 07/26/18
Could August 20, 2018 be the day of a major stock market top?...(more)

A Look At The DOW's Newest Member 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 07/26/18
On June 29, 2018, General Electric (GE) got dropped from the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW). It was replaced by Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), a multinational holding company with several distinc...(more)

Trading With Stochastic RSI 
Koos van der Merwe -- 07/26/18
There are many indicators out there and finding one that suits you can be not that easy....(more)

Trade War - USA Vs. China
Mark Rivest -- 07/12/18
Technical analysis of stocks provides clues as to which nation could lose the least.


Kicked out of the DOW 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 07/12/18
Getting kicked out of the DOW is the most recent in a long line of ignominies for this iconic multinational conglomerate which has been in business since 1892. But bad news for a stock can be a contra...(more)

Koos van der Merwe -- 07/09/18
"Starbucks is undervalued and underpriced." So said Howard Schultz on Friday, June 22....(more)

What Now Brown Cow? 
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/28/18
With all the uncertainty over the past few weeks, where does one put one's money?...(more)

Have US Small Cap Stocks Topped? 
Mark Rivest -- 06/28/18
Russell 2000 hits significant resistance, a major decline may have begun....(more)

Looking For A Winner
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/22/18
With the stock market behaving the way it has since January 2018, how does one find a winner?...(more)

Is MGM Resorts International A Bad Bet? 
Mark Rivest -- 06/21/18
See why this gaming stock could soon have a significant decline....(more)

Going For Income 
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/21/18
With the recent volatility in the stock market, where should one put one's money ?...(more)

Another Look At FANG 
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/12/18
What are FANG Stocks? FANG is the acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google....(more)

Staying Mindful 
Stella Osoba, CMT -- 06/12/18
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN) has been trading below its 50-day moving average since August 2017. Its stock, which once touched highs of 605, is now trading at 293. So what's in store for thi...(more)

Bearish Chart Patterns - The Gap, Inc. 
Mark Rivest -- 06/12/18
Price patterns and relative performance hint this stock could be trending down....(more)

Looking At The Indexes 
Koos van der Merwe -- 06/08/18
Reaching a high of 26153.42 in January 2018, the Dow Jones Index has since fallen. What now for the future?...(more)

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