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  • Chart Reading Basics

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reading charts, as you might have heard, is subjective. Here's how the novice can learn more about making it less so.

  • Part 5: Wyckoff method of trading stocks: Prelude to individual charting reading by Jack K. Hutson

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Part 5: Wyckoff method of trading stocks: Prelude to individual charting reading by Jack K. Hutson Averages--both market and group averages--are essential to stock market analysis and your investment or trading strategy with the Richard D. Wyckoff Method.

  • Reading PALM

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Everyone knows PALM, Inc, the forerunner of mobile handheld computers. Then the company lost its way as competition excelled, but is it starting to find its direction again?

  • Reading RSI Overbought/Oversold Signals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Traders often use overbought/oversold signals generated by an indicator like the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) to place contrarian bets. But sometimes sticking with the trend is far more profitable.

  • Reading The Bar, Identifying Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Comparing the length of each trading bar with respect to the one that came before makes it possible to identify buying and selling momentum. Having identified momentum, it becomes possible to forecast the future direction of the underlying stock or marke

  • Reading The Bar, Identifying The Countertrend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The main trend of a market determines its long-term trend. However, long-term trends are regularly interrupted by countertrends otherwise known as market corrections. By reading the bar of the next smaller time frame, you can determine if the market is t

  • Reading The Bar, Identifying The Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It is easy to get trapped in relying upon technical indicators to identify the direction of the trend when all necesssary information is embedded within the trading bar. By properly reading the bar it is possible to identify the trend of a market without

  • Reading The QQQs With Elliott Waves

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Elliott waves can be misleading. What seems to be an obvious wave count can change in the blink of an eye.

  • Reading between the lines by John Navarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reading between the lines by John Navarte Charting oscillators is one of the most powerful technical analysis tools available for the private and professional investor. In this article, we will consider two standard oscillator constructions. The first h

  • Reading indicator charts by Arthur A. Merrill

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Reading indicator charts by Arthur A. Merrill In the preceding column, I discussed the smoothing of indicator data. When you have tamed the wild fluctuations, how do you translate the result into a forecast? How do you read the chart? There are several

  • Reading the Palm Pilot

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Palm, Inc. is a share that from the day it was listed on the Nasdaq, has been falling, and yet everyone who is someone owns a Palm handheld computer. Reading its "palm," I ask, "What does its lifeline forecast for the future?"

Recommended Reading List

  • Tape Reading And Daytrading Stock Index Futures by Gary Smith

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Tape Reading And Daytrading Stock Index Futures by Gary Smith Tape reading isn't terribly complicated. In Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Edwin LeFèvre said it best: "This matter of tape reading is not so complicated as it appears. Of course you need

  • Tape Reading Breakouts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The time & sales window can reveal valuable information about the strength of a trend. Learn more about how trading professionals use it and how you too can use it to your advantage

Working Money: Chart Reading Basics by John Devcic

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