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    Search for products with specific attributes. Select options of interest from the categorized pull-down menus, using only the menus you need. The products with the highest relevancy to your search criteria will be returned. See below for a complete product listing.
    Operating system(s):
    Minimum RAM required:
    Minimum hard drive space:
    Minimum modem speed:
    Markets followed:
    Data type(s) utilized:
    Sources for data:
    Data manager:
    Formats read directly:
    Formats read after conversion to program useable data:
    Chart type(s) utilized:
    Charting features:
    Built-in indicators:
    Ranking based on:
    Screening based on:
    Alerts based on:
    Trading system features:
    Options analysis features:
    Support features:

    !Advanced Stock Screener Market In&Out
    0-TA-SDK 2004 Edition Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc.
    3D Grapher Advanced Graphing Software
    400 Different Add-In's for TradeStation, eSignal Jan Arps' Traders' Toolbox
    4TOPS Compare Excel Files
    4TOPS Excel Import Assistant for MS Access XP
    5 day Momentum Method M. Gordon Publishing Group
    995 UNIT
    @nalyst TechHackers LLC
    @RISK Palisade Corporation
    ACT (Accelerated Commodities Trainer) Software North LLC
    ActiveX StockChartX Component, Financial Chart DLL Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc.
    Adaptive Cycle Toolkit MetaStock
    Adaptive Modeler Professional Edition Altreva
    Adaptrade Builder Adaptrade Software
    Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition TimBukOne
    Advanced Excel Repair
    Advanced Ocean Software OceanBlue Publishing
    Advanz Auto4X Micro-Labs, Inc.
    Aepryus Calculator
    Aepryus Graph
    AIQ OptionExpert AIQ Systems
    AIQ TradingExpert Pro AIQ Systems
    Alchemy %Ds - Signal Line Divergence Indicators Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Auto Multi Pivots Indicators Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Counter-Trend Indicators Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Divergence Indicator Package Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Overbought/Oversold Indicators Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Toolbox for TradeStation Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Trend Catcher Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Alchemy Ultimate Divergence Indicator Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    AlphOmega Elliott Waves for MetaStock MetaStock
    Alyuda NeuroFusion Alyuda Research
    Amateur Invest Simply Data
    AmCan PSI3WM_Ind AmCan Financial Group
    AmiBroker Standard
    Amibroker trading tools - Pattern recognition Tradingbasis
    AMMO AG Iowa Grain Company
    AmpleSight Alyuda Research
    Analyst Lite Trendsetter Software
    AnalyzerXL AnalyzerXL LLC
    AnalyzerXL - Add-In Trading Toolset for Excel
    AnalyzerXL for Microsoft Excel
    AnalyzerXL Package
    Anticipation Advanced Systems Inc.
    Applied Reality Trading SOFTWARE
    Architect York Development and Research Limited
    Argo Matching Engine Argo SE
    Argo Trading Platform Argo SE
    ART(r) Charting Software
    ASCTrend Indicator AbleSys Corporation
    Aspen Graphics v4.2 Aspen Research Group, Ltd.
    ASX Stock Screener Market In&Out
    ATRADE Online - Visually Simplified Stock Alerts ATRADE Investment Technologies, LLC
    Aura Forecast Engine
    Aura Forecast Engine Econom-Expert Ltd
    AutoIntern Graphical Dynamics, Inc.
    BAR ANALYZER PowerZone Trading
    Best Choice Software Best Choice Software
    Better Trading Spreadsheet pak
    BioComp Dakota BioComp Systems
    BioComp Profit 7 BioComp Systems
    Black Star: First Attack
    Blue Wave Trading Precision Indicators / System Blue Wave Trading Research and Development
    Bollinger Band App for Mobile Devices Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.
    Bollinger Band System for MetaStock Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.
    Bollinger Band System for MetaStock MetaStock
    Bollinger Band Tool Kit for Financial Data Calc. Mathematical Investment Decisions Inc.
    Bollinger Band Tool Kit for MetaStock Bollinger Capital Management, Inc.
    Bollinger Band Toolkit for MetaStock MetaStock
    Bond Expert
    Bond Value Calculator (Palm)
    Bond Value Calculator (Windows)
    Bradley Barometer AIR Software
    BrainCel Jurik Research Software
    Building an Automated Excel Spread Trading System
    Building An Automated Excel Stock Trading System
    Building an Automated Sector Fund System in Excel
    Bulk message sending program DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd
    Bull's-Eye Broker
    Business Card Software
    ButtonTrader ButtonTrader
    BWT Precision Indicators Blue Wave Trading Research and Development
    C-Trader Toolkit Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    Calc 3D Professional
    Canada Stock Screener Market In&Out
    CandlePower 6 Pro 2 North Systems
    Captool/net Captools Co.
    Cash Flow Valuation Model for Excel
    Caster for MS Excel
    CF: Cash Flow Analysis Superior Software, Inc.
    CFB - Composite Fractal Behavior Jurik Research Software
    Chaikin Portfolio Health Check Chaikin Stock Research, LLC
    Chaikin Power Gauge Reports Chaikin Stock Research, LLC
    Chaikin Power Tools Chaikin Stock Research, LLC
    ChartLabPro ChartLabPro
    ChartSmart ChartSmart Software Inc.
    CHOP (Capital Haircut Optimization Program) Aurigen Inc.
    clearTREND Research The Appleton Group, LLC
    Clone2Go DVD to iPod Converter for Mac
    CMA Station Advanced CMA INC.
    Coast Trading Package Coast Investment Software Inc. Joe DiNapoli
    Connors on Advanced Trading Strategy (Metastock) M. Gordon Publishing Group
    Connors on Advanced Trading Strategy (Tradestation M. Gordon Publishing Group
    CoolTrade Fully Automated Stock Trading System CoolTrade Inc.
    CQG Integrated Client CQG, Inc.
    CQG trader ProActive Futures
    Crossex Micro Toolsoft, Inc.
    CTS iNet Computer Trading Support, Inc.
    CTS TREND Computer Trading Support, Inc.
    Custom programming services Larmee Associates
    Cute Dividend Reinvestment Calculator
    CVaR Expert Portfolio Risk (Special Build)
    CVaR Expert Portfolio Risk (Standard)
    Cycle Surfer 3.0
    Cycle Trends Cycle Technical Analysis Software Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Inc.
    cyclePack Divergence Software, Inc.
    CycleTimer Stock Market Geometry
    Cyclone System
    Cyclops Daring Technologies
    Data Analysis for MS Access XP/03, Single user
    Data Master II Glance Market Data Services, Inc.
    Data Recovery Doctor Data Recovery
    DataBull DataBull
    Day Traders spreadsheet Pak
    DayTrading Zones Probability
    DDR - Decorrelator & Dimension Reducer Jurik Research Software
    DealBook 360 Global Forex Trading (GFT)
    DealMaven Comparable Co. Valuation Model for Excel
    DealMaven Flexible Periods Stub Model for Excel
    DealMaven M&A Accretion/Dilution Model for Excel
    DecisionBar Trading Software Les Schwartz, Inc.
    DeepInsight Daily Version Landing Electronic Corp.
    DeepInsight Real Time Version Landing Electronic Corp.
    DiNapoli Predictor Pack - ELAs for TradeStation Coast Investment Software Inc. Joe DiNapoli
    Divergences for iPad Plum Square Software Ltd.
    DivergEngine2001 Inside Edge Systems
    DivergEngine98 Inside Edge Systems
    Diversified Trading System Indicator Warehouse
    Djuggler Digital Architects
    DMX - Direction Momentum Index Jurik Research Software
    Dollar Trader Dave Fox, C.T.A.
    Double Bot/Top Finder Inside Edge Systems
    DownloaderXL 6.1.15 AnalyzerXL LLC
    DownloaderXL Package
    Dr. Elder Trading Room for MetaStock MetaStock
    Dr. Stoxx's Trend Trading Toolkit MetaStock
    DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator
    Drummond Geometry Indicators Ted Hearne Associates, Inc
    DTN ProphetX DTN
    Dual Thrust Trading System Universal Technical Systems, Inc
    Dukascopy DEMO Lab
    Dynamic Day Trading Framework Micro Toolsoft, Inc.
    Dynamic Trader Software and Trading Course Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.
    EarlyRetire Pro Hamilton Software, Inc.
    Easy Chart 3D GEO
    Easy ROR Pro Hamilton Software, Inc.
    Easy-Commission CellarStone Inc.
    EasyLanguage programming, seminars free tutorials Martyn R Whittaker
    EasyLanguage Utilities Vista-Research
    EdgeClub EdgeRater
    Egar ONE EGAR Technology
    Elite Expert Trader Elite E Services FX
    ELWAVE 9.6 Prognosis Software Development
    ELWAVE Add-On for MetaStock Prognosis Software Development
    Ensign Windows Ensign Software
    Entry Point Software Solutions, Inc
    EPHI-The Trader's Ehpemeris MicroMedia
    Erlanger Chartroom Phil Erlanger Research
    ErlangerQuote Erlanger Squeeze Play, LLC
    eSignal eSignal, an Interactive Data company
    eSignal OnDemand eSignal, an Interactive Data company
    eSignal Scanners eSignal, an Interactive Data company
    eSignal, Advanced GET Edition eSignal, an Interactive Data company
    ETNA Robot ETNA Software
    ETS 2.0 Trading System MetaStock
    Excalibur v2.0 Futures Truth Company
    Excel Compare (Business License)
    Excel Compare (Personal License)
    Excel Formula Manager
    Excel Import Assistant for MS Access 2000
    Excel VBA Models Combo Set (Set 1, 2, and 3)
    ExcelSmartTools Auditor
    Expeced Return Calculator McMillan Analysis Corp.
    Expert Investor II Portfolio
    EZ-Files Technical Indicator Library
    EZ-PnF, Point and Figure Charting program BCA Software
    EzyProfessional Just Data
    EzyProfessional Pack JustData
    Factor Analysis & Psychometric Package for Excel Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    FAS123 Toolkit Montgomery Investment Technology
    FastGraph Edge Ware, Inc.
    FastTrack Track Data Corporation
    FastTrack for the Web Investors FastTrack
    FIB Trading Framework Micro Toolsoft, Inc.
    FibNodes Coast Investment Software Inc. Joe DiNapoli
    Fibonacci and Gann Price and Time Trading Rivera Publishing Inc.
    Fibonacci Trader 4 Real Time Fibonacci Trader Corporation
    Fibonacci Trader End of Day Fibonacci Trader Corporation
    Fibotrader Fischer Finance Consulting
    File Encryption XP
    File Locator
    Financial accounting software (Enterprise Edition) Employee Salary Software
    Financial accounting software (Standard edition) Employee Salary Software
    financial charting component Numeral Technology LLC
    Financial Data Calculator Mathematical Investment Decisions Inc.
    Financial Navigator 7.5 Financial Navigator
    FinCalcs Montgomery Investment Technology
    Findur OpenLink
    FinOptions XL Derivicom, Inc
    FinTools XL Montgomery Investment Technology
    FinTools:Options XL,Exotics XL,Bonds XL,Risk XL Montgomery Investment Technology
    Fire MetaStock
    Fire Tip Champion Futures
    FOCUS EGAR Technology
    Forecasters Ranker
    Foresight-A.I. Global Forex Trading (GFT)
    Forestock ARIMA for Equis Metstock
    Forestock Pattern Trend for Equis Metastock
    Forestock Stepwise Regression for Equis Metastock
    Forex Arbitrage Calculator (Palm)
    Forex Arbitrage Calculator (Pocket PC)
    Forex Arbitrage Calculator (Windows)
    Forex Trader 2.0 Foreign Currency Trading Resource Center
    Four Steps Trading Course
    FOURCAST Engineering Management Consultants, Inc.
    Freecharts SE Worden Brothers, Inc.
    Fund Manager Beiley Software
    Fundamental-Technical Analyzer FTA-2 Addaptron Software
    Fundwatch Hamilton Software, Inc.
    Futures Access 4.0 Glance Market Data Services, Inc.
    Futures Options Paper Trading Rivera Publishing Inc.
    FX Synergy - Multi Account Trade Manager Pecunia Systems
    FX Traders Advantage MetaStock
    FXone FXone LLC
    G-Force Trader G-FORCE TRADING, LLC
    Galactic Trader Real Time PAS Inc.
    Gann Trader 3 Software ADEST
    GannTrader 3 Software
    Ganntrader 3.1 release 13 Gannsoft Publishing Company
    GATE (GANN Analysis Through Excel) GATE System
    Gene Hunter Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    Genetic Pattern Finder ForeTrade
    Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis Security Genetics Inc.
    GeneXproServer Gepsoft Limited
    GeneXproTools 5.0 Gepsoft Limited
    Global Asset Allocation - GLOBAA PIMS, Inc.
    Global Variables for TradeStation Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    GlobalRisk Risk Manager / Option Trader Expert Systems Group, Inc.
    Gold Diamond Calculator Suite
    GoldMine 4.0 Enterprise Edition GoldMine Software Corporation
    GRAFster v6.7 Stock Charting and Analysis theGRAFster
    Grandmill Soybeans Options Evaluator
    Greg Morris' INDICATORS & TRADING SYSTEMS Wall Street Software
    Grid Optimizer TickQuest Inc.
    GTE Charting Just Data
    GTS Pro FX Solutions LLC
    GTT TradeLog family of software products
    GUNNER24 Forecasting Charting Software GUNNER24
    GUNNER24 Freeware GUNNER24
    Guppy traders essentials toolbox
    Guppytraders Essentials Charting
    Handy Backup Home Standard Novosoft
    Harrington Channel Harrington Trading Company
    Heikin-Ashi for MetaStock Data Converter Breakaway Training Solutions, Inc.
    HelloEURO Currency Converter (End-User)
    High Growth Stock Investor (HGSI) Industry Monitors
    High Odds Seasonal Trades MBH Commodity Advisors
    High Performance Intraday Analysis Indicator Suite PowerZone Trading
    HistoryMaker Metronome Trading Systems Pty Limited
    Hot Trader Paritech, Inc.
    HotlineX Trendsetter Software
    Humai Trader If Else If Co.
    HyperOrder HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    HyperServer Lite HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    HyperTools for XPO and OMZ HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    IBCharts IBCharts
    ICE 2.6 for MetaStock MetaStock
    Idea Value Calculator for PocketPC
    Idea Value Calculator for Windows OS
    iDecide: Personal Edition
    iMiser Web Organizer
    Impactopia Impactopia Ltd
    IMSL C Numerical Library Visual Numerics, Inc.
    IMSL Fortran Library V5.0 Visual Numerics, Inc.
    Incredible Charts Vizhon Corporation
    Index-Lab Wealth Lab
    India Stock Screener Market In&Out
    Insider TA ver 7.0 Std/Pro Stock Blocks, Inc.
    IntelliChart Desktop Inc.
    Interactive Brokers Trading System Automation Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    Intraday Multi-View Indicator Suite PowerZone Trading
    Investment and Business Valuation Excel Template
    Investor's Accountant Hamilton Software, Inc.
    Investor's Edge (IE) with Portfolio EVALUATOR PIMS, Inc.
    Investor/RT Linn Software, Inc.
    InvestProfits Tools & Research
    ipod data recovery software Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd.
    IQ Chart IQ Chart
    IQ-Trader PatSystems
    IT Locus Charting
    IT Locus charting
    ITRNet International Traders Research, Inc.
    Jake Bernstein's Setup & Timing Triggers MetaStock
    JBL Risk Manager MetaStock
    JBL Risk Manager V8 Park Avenue Consulting
    JigSaw v. 2 Astrolabe, Inc.
    JMA - Jurik Moving Average Jurik Research Software
    JMSL 2.0 (for Java Programmers) Visual Numerics, Inc.
    JMSL 2.0 (for Java Programmers) Visual Numerics, Inc.
    John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition, Inc.
    John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition MetaStock
    Jurik Research Software Jurik Research Software
    Kwik*POP Traders Software Kwik*POP Traders Software
    Laser Genesis Securities, LLC
    LearnMetaStock Data Converter Breakaway Training Solutions, Inc.
    Level IV Software Suite for Equity Analysis Advanced Market Systems, Inc.
    Life Insurance Premium Calculator (Palm)
    Life Insurance Premium Calculator (Pocket PC)
    Life Insurance Premium Calculator (Windows)
    Lind Elite Lind-Waldock ( (in Canada)
    Lind Xpress Lind-Waldock ( (in Canada)
    Linda Rainbow of Software boosters Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.
    LindConnect Lind-Waldock ( (in Canada)
    Live Forex Trading Demo Software Forex Day Trading
    Lowry onDemand Pro Lowry Research Corporation
    M1y Daring Technologies
    Mac Memory Card Data Recovery
    MacChart Trendsetter Software
    MACD Divergence Detector Add-Ins BackTesting Report by Own Mountain Trading Company
    Market Analyst - Astronomical module add on Market Analyst Software
    Market Analyst - Gann module add on Market Analyst Software
    Market Analyst - Professional Edition Market Analyst Software
    Market Analyst II
    Market Analyst Wall Charts
    Market Center Direct Traders Network Inc.
    Market Cycle Dynamics (MCD) Long Wave Dynamics
    Market Detective Microforce
    Market Dynamics Market Dynamics
    Market KNOWledge Schmoll & Halquist
    Market Master 2000 PrimeCharts Limited
    Market Mosaic, Inc.
    Market Skill-Builder
    Market System Analyzer Adaptrade Software
    Market System Analyzer Adaptrade Software
    Market Trader AIR Software
    Market Trend Signal Market Trend Signal
    MarketDelta MarketDelta
    MarketScan Paritech, Inc.
    Marketsimplified Market Simplifed Inc
    MarketSmith William O'Neil + Co.
    MarketView GlobalView Software
    MarketWarrior Mikula Forecasting Company
    Mastock Mastock
    Max Anti Spyware Pro
    Mechanica Mechanica Software
    MENT Tradestation Modules Matheny Enterprises
    MESA Bonds MESA Software
    MESA for NeuroShell Trader MESA Software
    MESA for TradeStation MESA Software
    MESA2002 MESA Software
    MetaMarket Plus Paritech, Inc.
    MetaStock MetaStock
    MetaStock - v12 - BONUS 450+ FREE Indicators Wall Street Software
    MetaStock for Java MetaStock
    MetaStock PRO (Real Time) v12 for XENITH Wall Street Software
    MetaStock Professional MetaStock
    MetaSwing MetaStock
    MetaTrader MetaQuotes Software Corp.
    MIMICS Bond Paying Agent System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MIMICS Bond Tax Swap System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MIMICS Hedge Funds System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MIMICS Investment System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MIMICS Portfolio Management System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MIMICS Stockholder Accounting System for Windows MIMICS, Inc.
    MLDownloader (Charting Edition)
    MLDownloader (Standard Edition)
    Mobfinance for Blackberry
    MobFinance+RssNews for BlackBerry
    Model Explorer for Econometric Views
    Monte Carlo Option Probability Calculator Trotter Trading Systems, Inc.
    Monte Carlo-Lab Wealth Lab
    MoonTide Software MicroMedia
    MotiveWave MotiveWave Software
    Moyea ppt to dvd bunner pro
    MTI 4.0 Market Traders Institute, NA
    MTPredictor - End-of-Day and Real-time MTPredictor Ltd.
    MultiCharts MultiCharts, LLC
    MultiFeed Server HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    MurphyExplainsMarketAnalysis-Intermarket Analysis, Inc.
    MurphyExplainsMarketAnalysis-Visual Analysis, Inc.
    N-Train Neural Network Development System Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    NAG C Library Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc
    Nature's Pulse Pulse Technologies
    NeatScan Alyuda Research
    NeoTicker TickQuest Inc.
    NeoTicker EOD TickQuest Inc.
    Neovest Neovest, Inc.
    NET Oscillator on NinjaTrader New Era Trader
    NET Oscillator on TradeStation New Era Trader
    NetTrader HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    NeuralWorks Predict NeuralWare
    NeuralXL Package
    Neuralyst Cheshire Engineering Corp.
    Neuro-Lab Wealth Lab
    NeuroShell DayTrader Professional Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    NeuroShell Trader Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    NeuroShell Trader Professional Ward Systems Group, Inc.
    NeuroXL Classifier
    NeuroXL Predictor
    NewsStation by Trade The News Trade The News
    NewsWare Track Data Corporation
    NexTrend ATC Analytics, LLC
    NexTrend (end of day) NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    NexTrend Basic NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    NexTrend Electronic Direct Access Trading (EDAT) NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    NexTrend Intermediate NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    NexTrend LiveScan NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    NexTrend Pro NexTrend Technologies, Inc.
    Ninja Trader Lite Proactive Futures
    NinjaTrader NinjaTrader, LLC
    Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed for MetaStock MetaStock
    NNSTP-2 Addaptron Software
    NumTrend Calculator ProfitMax Trading Inc
    NYSE Euronext Data Historical NYE Euronext
    OfficeFinancials VBA
    OmniTrader Nirvana Systems, Inc.
    One Day At A Time The Delta Society International
    Online Downloader HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    OnTop Calculator ProfitMax Trading Inc
    OptiGraph OptionMetrics
    Optimax Modus Novus, Inc
    Option Evaluation Program McMillan Analysis Corp.
    Option Master Deluxe Institute for Options Research Inc.
    Option Master Deluxe for the Palm Pilot Institute for Options Research Inc.
    Option Master Pro Institute for Options Research Inc.
    Option Roll OptionAids, LLC
    Option Tracker Montgomery Investment Technology
    Option Wizard & Backtest Wizard Option Wizard, Scan Wizard
    Option Wizard Scan Option Wizard, Scan Wizard
    Optionetics Platinum OPTIONETICS, Inc.
    OptionGear Hubb Financial Group
    Optionomics Systems Optionomics Corp.
    Options Designer
    Options Time Machine EzTrade, Inc.
    OptionScope MetaStock
    OptionsOracle SamoaSky
    OptionStation TradeStation
    OptionVue 7 OptionVue Systems International Inc.
    OptionVue 7 Professional Edition OptionVue Systems International Inc.
    Ord-Volume software
    Ord-Volume software The Ord Oracle
    OSAKit (Online Software Activation Kit)
    OTC Stock Screener Market In&Out
    Overseer Seer Trading Systems Ltd
    Pairtrade Finder Trading Software
    Palm Value Calculator (Pocket PC)
    Paritech Portfolio Manager Paritech, Inc.
    PathFinder Trader FastBrokers
    Pattern Forecaster Plus 1.0 Lite Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Forecaster Plus for Supercharts Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Forecaster Plus for TradeStation 2000i Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Forecaster Plus for TradeStation 3x or 4x Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Forecaster Plus V 1.0 Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Forecaster Plus V 2.0 Matheny Enterprises
    Pattern Trapper Cutting Edge Indicators The Pattern Trapper
    PatternExplorer for Amibroker
    PC Quote 6.0 on the Internet PC Quote, Inc. Orbit, Inc.
    Performance System Plus Trading Systems Analysis Group
    Performance Systems Plus for MetaStock MetaStock
    Personal Analyst Trendsetter Software
    Personal Hotline Trendsetter Software
    Personal Stock Monitor GOLD DTLink, LLC
    Personal Stock Streamer
    Pfscan 2
    PhotonTrader FuturePath Trading
    Pikker Emporium Software Advanced Market Systems, Inc.
    Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model
    Pivot-Stochastic Futures Trading Model
    PL Market Predictor Prime-Line(tm)
    PNS Server HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    Point and Figure Charts Numeral Technology LLC
    Pop-up Excel Calendar
    Portfolio Creation & Maintenance (PC&M) PIMS, Inc.
    Portfolio MCS Inside Edge Systems
    Portfolio MCS Pro Inside Edge Systems
    Portfolio Optimization
    Portfolio Performance Monitoring
    PowerAdvisor Cornerstone Revolutions, LLC
    PowerAnalyzer EzTrade, Inc.
    PowerPivots Plus for MetaStock MetaStock
    PowerStats (View Analysis)
    PowerStrike MetaStock
    Price Action Lab Price Action Lab
    Price Action Lab (PAL)
    Price Headley's Big Trends Toolkit 2.0 MetaStock
    PriceMotion Stock 3 Sayers Inc.
    PriceMotionForex 3 Sayers Inc.
    Pristine ESP
    Pristine Method Pattern Scans MetaStock
    Privacy Guard
    Pro Analyst Trendsetter Software
    Pro-Mark PatSystems
    Pro-Opticus Prime Analytics, LLC
    Probability Calculator 2006 McMillan Analysis Corp.
    Probability of Defaults Calculator for Palm OS
    Probability of defaults Calculator for PocketPC
    Probability of Defaults Calculator for Windows OS
    Prodigio Mpower Trading Systems, LLC
    Professional Package using CBOT Sirtrade International
    Professional TradeAdvisor 5 Stelar International
    Professional Traders Starter Kit Technical Analysis, Inc.
    ProfitSource Hubb Financial Group
    ProKalc-Unlimited Site License
    ProphetCharts INVESTools, Inc.
    ProRealTime Charting Software ProRealTime
    ProSticks Technical Analysis and Charting System ProSticks Financial Solutions
    ProTA Gold BeeSoft
    ProTraderFX .Net Station PFSOFT
    Proview Proview Professional Services
    Proview Java Proview Professional Services
    QCommission CellarStone Inc.
    QP3 Quotes Plus, Inc.
    Quick AVI Joiner 2.0
    Quicken Intuit, Inc.
    Quote Monkey! Deluxe
    QuoteMonster 10 Squared Corporation
    QXchange CellarStone Inc.
    R-MESA MESA Software
    Rahul Mohindar's Automated Trend Modules MetaStock
    Ramp Trend Line Scan Program Nebadawn, Inc.
    Real Option Valuation
    RealTick RealTick LLC
    Realtick TradePro
    Red Rock Pattern Strategies MetaStock
    Regression Analysis and Forecasting
    Resampling Stats Add-in for Excel Resampling Stats, Inc.
    Resampling Stats Add-in for Matlab Resampling Stats, Inc.
    Resampling Stats software - standalone Resampling Stats, Inc.
    Reuters MetaStock Professional MetaStock
    RiskAPI Institutional Add In PortfolioScience, Inc.
    RJO Vantage RJO Futures
    RMCast -- high-performance messaging system Argo SE
    RSX -- Relative Strength Index Jurik Research Software
    S&C on DVD Technical Analysis, Inc.
    S&P Scalper Pivot Points S&P Scalper Software
    S/R Analyst Pro Divergence Software, Inc.
    Safir-X v3 /SirTrade 2000 Sirtrade International
    SAFIR-Xp Sirtrade International
    Sales Commission Mage York Development and Research Limited
    Scan Wizard Option Wizard, Scan Wizard
    ScanExpert Divergence Software, Inc.
    SchaffCharts / FX-Strategy Pro Charts
    Secret's of the Master's Trading Simulation Game Van Tharp Institute
    Seer Trading Platform Seer Trading Systems Ltd
    Send bulk sms software DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd
    Short Term Reversal Software Skilltrader LLC
    Sierra Chart Sierra Chart
    Sierra Hotel MESA Software
    Signalator FX Signalator Limited
    Signed & Secured Yozons, Inc.
    Silver Calculator
    Simple Risk Calculator for Palm
    Simple Risk Calculator for PocketPC
    Simple Risk Calculator for Windows
    Simulated Trading with Robbins Online Robbins Trading Company
    Singapore Stock Screener Market In&Out
    SJ Troo San Jose Options Mentoring
    SMAP-3 Addaptron Software
    Smart Downloader HyperTrader Tech. LLC
    Smart Investor's Calculator for Palm OS
    Smart Investor's Calculator for Pocket PC
    Smart Investor's Calculator for Windows
    SmartBroker Pro for Windows
    SmartBroker Pro v2.5: Complete Stock Mkt Analysis
    SmartFolio 3.0.68 Modern Investment Technologies Ltd.
    SmartMarket Zinoth Software
    Snap Shot Trading pack
    Solar Fire v. 6 Astrolabe, Inc.
    SortWizard Stock Scanning and Screening Software Neo, Incorporated
    SpeedResearch Web Browser Ronald M. Kucynski /
    SpiffyCharts Investors Technical Services
    Spinnaker Alerts 2.71 Spinnaker Software Solutions
    Spread Trading Contract Calculator
    Spread Trading Contract Size Calculator
    SPREDGAR Spredgar Software
    Spredz Spread Systems, Inc.
    Square Timer ProfitMax Trading Inc
    SRC ChartScreen Premier Online Securities Research Company
    Starting Point by Joe Krutsinger MetaStock
    STATISTICA 6 StatSoft, Inc.
    Stator - AFM (Professional) Anfield Capital Pty Ltd
    Stator - AFM (Standard) Anfield Capital Pty Ltd
    StatWare Kase and Company, Inc.
    Steel Quote Pro
    Steele Mutual Fund Expert Steele Systems, Inc.
    Stock Analyzer Plus Software
    Stock Backtester Market In&Out
    Stock Calculator System Support Products, Inc.
    Stock Chart Wizard Stock Chart Wizard
    Stock Correlation Market In&Out
    Stock Explorer
    Stock Explorer Econom-Expert Ltd
    Stock Options Charting and Pricing Spreadsheet Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    Stock Picker RT Investing Systems Inc.
    Stock Predictor Ashkon Technology
    Stock Prophet Future Wave Software
    Stock Screener Professional
    Stock Signal Pro Investing Systems Inc.
    StockBox Software DayTrading Institute
    StockFinder Worden Brothers, Inc.
    StockFusion Studio Econom-Expert Ltd
    StockFusion Studio
    StockMarketMirror 6.4 Stefan Veres, author
    StockPiler Spread Systems, Inc.
    StockReflex StockReflex
    StockShareV2 StockShare Publishing LLC
    StockWiz 4 i-Soft, Inc.
    STOPS NumaSoft, Inc.
    StrataSearch Avarin Systems Inc
    Strategy Automation Station (SAS) Strategy Runner
    Strategy Runner Strategy Runner
    Swing Trading Indicators for St. Smarts Strategies M. Gordon Publishing Group
    TA-Lib TicTacTec
    Tactical Trader Advanced Trading Strategies MetaStock
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    TaxGopher G2 FinTech
    TC-Companion 3.0 TRaids LLC
    TC2000 Worden Brothers, Inc.
    TDF_lib programmer library for Windows32 Tierra del Fuego Ltd.
    Technical Analysis Programmer's Toolkit FM Labs
    TechniFilter Plus Brightspark
    Telemet Teleflash Telemet America Inc.
    TeleTrader Professional Workstation TeleTrader Software AG
    THD GOLD THD (TradersHelpDesk Inc)
    THD PLATINUM THD (TradersHelpDesk Inc)
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    The DecisionTools Suite Palisade Corporation
    The DownLoader MetaStock
    The IQXP Program IQXP Software
    The KC Collection The Futures Group, Inc.
    The Market Reactivity System 2.0 ALVentures
    The Murrey Math Trading Systems The Murrey Math Trading System
    The News Trader The News Trader
    The nth Order Fading Memory Adaptive Polynomial MEYERS ANALYTICS LLC
    The Power Walk Forward Optimizer MEYERS ANALYTICS LLC
    The Profile Analyzer Performance Trading Technologies, Inc.
    The Push-Button Option Trader (tm) Institute for Options Research Inc.
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    Trade Gauge
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    Trade Track OptionAids, LLC
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    TradeMiner Gecko Software, Inc.
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    TraderXL Pro Package
    TradeScan Trading Alerts Kingsbury Financial Management, Inc.
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    Trading Alchemy Alchemy Trading Technologies, Inc.
    Trading Blox Trading Blox
    Trading Diary for iPad Plum Square Software Ltd.
    Trading Methods Spreadsheet pak
    Trading System Lab Trading System Lab
    Trading System Testing Software (TSTS) John Craciun
    Trading123 Pivots for Esignal & NinjaTrader Trading123
    Tradingbasis - Tool collection for amibroker Tradingbasis
    TradingSolutions End of Day NeuroDimension, Inc.
    TradingSolutions Real-time NeuroDimension, Inc.
    Tradition York Development and Research Limited
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    Trendex Micro Toolsoft, Inc.
    TrendLine Trader Trading Software Les Schwartz, Inc.
    Triangles II Trading Systems Analysis Group
    TriggerPoint Software TriggerPoint Trading
    TS-Evolve, Genetic Optimizer for TradeStation Scientific Consultant Services, Inc
    Tsunami PriceVolume Indicator Set
    UK Stock Screener Market In&Out
    Ultimate Trader'sToolbox CD-ROM Zaner Group
    Unfair Advantage (UA) Commodity Systems, Inc. (CSI)
    Unit Conversion Tool for Pocket PC & Windows
    Updata Pro Updata
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    Upperman & Associates Floyd Upperman & Associates
    USB data recovery software Pro Data Doctor Pvt. Ltd.
    Valuator Plus MBA Financial
    Value Line Investment Analyzer 3.0 Value Line, Inc.
    ValueCharts Microquant
    ValueGain Hubb Financial Group
    VantagePoint Intermarket Analysis Software Market Technologies, LLC
    VB BackProp ForeTrade
    VCD - Volatility Convergence Divergence Micro Toolsoft, Inc.
    VE Institutional ValuEngine, Inc.
    VectorVest 7 EOD VectorVest, Inc.
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    VectorVest Simulator VectorVest, Inc.
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    VectorVest Watchdog VectorVest, Inc.
    VEL - Zero-Lag Velocity Jurik Research Software
    VirtualTrader Titan Trading Analytics Inc.
    Visual Options Analyzer (VOptions)
    VisualTrader Nirvana Systems, Inc.
    Volatility Analyzer EzTrade, Inc.
    VSTOPS Indicator Package PowerZone Trading
    VTtrader Capital Market Services LLC (CMS Forex)
    Walk Forward Metric Explorer MEYERS ANALYTICS LLC
    Wall Street Analyzer Lathuy, Inc.
    Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader Walter Bressert, Inc.
    Watch List NewTEK Industries
    WAV - Time Series Sample Compression Jurik Research Software
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    Wave59 PRIVATE Wave59 Technologies
    Wave59 PRO2 Wave59 Technologies
    Wave59 RT Day Trader Software
    WaveFin - Wavelets for Finance Cornice Research, LLC
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    WhenTech Markets WhenTech
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