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  • The V-Trade Part 10: Trading With Leverage

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Parts 1 through 9 of this series covered the building blocks for a complete trading strategy, including the technical analysis used and the trading rules. The series continues here with some practical information on getting started and setting up a tradi

  • The V-Trade Part 10b: The Expert System

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this continuation of an ongoing series on setting up a system to trade, we'll present a run-through of all the specs involved in the expert system that could help you place your trades

  • The V-Trade Part 11: Expert Manual Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this series, we've discussed trading concepts and techniques, technical analysis, and getting set up to trade. In this part, which continues with using an expert system to trade, we'll look at using the expert system for manual and semi-automatic trad

  • The V-Trade Part 12 : Expert Automatic Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In part 11 of this series, tools for manual and semi-automatic trading with trendlines using an expert system were presented. In this part, which is the third on using an expert system, we look at technical analysis techniques that can be used with autom

  • The V-Trade Part 14: Expert Automatic Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As we continue with this series that explains step-by-step a set of techniques to use for trading--including the building of an expert system for automatic or semi-automatic trading--here, we look at a strategy where mechanical trading is based on a modi

  • The V-Trade Part 1: Five Basic Trading Rules

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Technical analysis, money management, and trading rules--these are the three basic components to a technically based trading system. But even if you've got these three components down, you still need to stay alert to

  • The V-Trade Part 2: Technical Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Making buy and sell decisions are critical for any trader. But in some market environments, it's difficult to gauge which way prices will move. Are institutional traders just pushing prices to make a quick buck? What's a retail trader to do? Here's one w

  • The V-Trade Part 3: Technical Analysis - Fibonacci Projections And Daily Pivots

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this third part of a multipart series, we look at passive support & resistance with Fibonacci projections and daily pivots

  • The V-Trade Part 4: Technical Analysis--Trends & Reversals

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this fourth part of a multipart series, we continue with the discussion of an important technical analysis concept, passive support & resistance. We'll look at price trends, trend channels, the Andrews pitchfork, and applying a stop-loss, all with the

  • The V-Trade Part 5: Technical Analysis -- Moving Average Support & Resistance And Volatility Bands

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this fifth part of an ongoing series that outlines one trader's comprehensive approach to trading, we look at the next technical analysis portion of the method -- support & resistance and volatility bands

  • The V-Trade Part 6: Technical Analysis--Divergence Indicators

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this sixth part of a multipart series, we'll continue with our look at one trader's techniques for making both manual and automatic buy and sell decisions. We'll also investigate the stochastic RSI indicator (SRSI) to identify divergences

  • The V-Trade Part 7: Technical Analysis--V-Wave Count

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Counting waves in price charts doesn't have to be complex. In this seventh part of a multipart series of articles, we consider a method that simplifies the art of counting waves so you can make more successful trades. Find out how

  • The V-Trade Part 8: The Basic Trading Rules

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this eighth part of a multipart series, we look at the V-Trade trading rules

  • The V-Trade Part 9: Trading Examples

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this ninth part of a multipart series, we look at some example trades using the V-Trade trading rules

  • The V-Trade, Part 13: Expert Automatic Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this ongoing series on the V-Trade system, we are presenting this author's method of making manual and automatic buy & sell decisions (or a combination of both). Now that we have set up the expert system and shown how to use it for manual and semi-aut

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