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  • $CRX Resuming Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the Commodity Related Equity Index's bearish move done? If so, then how long can the new upward rally sustain?

  • $FTSE Undergoing Tricky Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish path of the London Financial Times is highly volatile. Will the index continue this journey?

  • $XAU Is Undergoing A Relief Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Gold & Silver Index has witnessed a robust corrective phase.

  • A Double Bottom Rally For Pioneer Natural Resources

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After putting in a double bottom last month, Pioneer Natural Resources has continued to rally. What's the outlook in the longer term?

  • A Five-Wave Look At The Spring/Summer Rally of 2003

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An Elliott wave interpretation of the current bull market suggests a correction before higher prices.

  • A Giant Rally Of Allegiant Travel

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Allegiant Travel has been traveling north for the past few weeks.

  • A Rally In The Russell?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The little guys of the stock market show their muscle with a positive divergence and bullish follow-through in mid-January.

  • A Short-Term Bear Rally For Newmont Mining?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Newmont Mining has rebounded off of this month's lows but will likely make one final move to the downside before the short-term downtrend reverses.

  • AKSteel Ready To Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An ascending triangle is about to break out in AKSteel Holding.

  • ALTR: Relief Rally In The Midst Of A Larger Downtrend?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Altera fell by as much as 19% during its recent three-week slide; its latest rally looks to be of the bear market variety, with bigger declines ahead.

  • AUD/USD: Setting Up For A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After enduring a month-long decline of more than 8%, the Australian Dollar/US Dollar currency pair may be setting up for a bullish reversal.

  • Advanced Micro Devices: A Pause In The Parabolic Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The price of this high-tech stock is in a consolidation phase in the daily time frame.

  • Allied Nevada Gold: Solid Base For Next Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by nearly 93% in less than 14 months, shares of Allied Nevada Gold have formed a major base prior to a new rally phase.

  • Another Rate Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Seen through the lens of two screens, the 10-year Treasury note looks as if it's headed lower--with a corresponding rally in yields.

  • Atmel Corp. Fakeout Rally Under Way?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Atmel Corp. are up by more than 60% over the past three months, but the smart money appears to have already abandoned ship in this key semiconductor issue.

  • Austria iShares Rally Suspended

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The lower lows and lower highs have dragged the bullish rally under pressure.

  • BAM Holds Back The Breakout Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The breakout of Brookfield Asset Management shows a reluctance to surge higher.

  • BHI Rally Turns Down

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The breakout signal of Baker Hughes fails.

  • BMY: Can This Rally Continue?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Bristol Myers Squibb have been on a six month long tear; is a correction soon to appear - or not?

  • Baxter Int'l Is Undergoing An Unstable Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A bullish reversal signal at the bottom of the declining rally has not been able to strengthen the potential bullish rally of Baxter International.

  • Blow Off Top or Kick Off Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...See what the indicators and price pattern reveal about the post-election stock market rally.

  • Break Faster Than Rally? by Alex Saitta

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do markets decline in value at a faster pace than they rally? The question is put to the test using the Chicago Board of Trade Treasury bond futures contract. Nearly all market analysts agree that the bull market in bonds began in 1981, when the price o

  • Bullish Rally Of CW Halts?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Curtiss Wright Corp. is showing signs of trend reversal possibilities while heading towards its previous high.

  • Bullish Rally Of XLY

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Consumer Discretionary Select Sector is undergoing a healthy bullish rally. The outlook is likely to remain positive.

  • Buying The Santa Claus Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After earning a very small profit on a seasonal Thanksgiving trade, we look at how to profit from Wall Street's legendary holiday bullishness.

  • Can GME Continue The Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gamestop Corp. is standing in strong support, waiting for the breakout. Will this rally establish the support and move ahead?

  • Can The US Dollar Rally Last?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US dollar tends to trend reliably across time frames, but is this new daily chart rally just a minor retracement of an emerging downtrend or is the bull run that began in December 2009 starting to reassert itself?

  • Chevron: Selloff Completed, Rally In Effect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Chevron Corp. (CVX) are being pulled higher by a strong short-covering rally after a major price pattern completes.

  • Coffee's Summer Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Rallying from a springtime correction, July coffee heads higher and higher in summer.

  • Comerica May Undergo Relief Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Comerica is in an intermediate downtrend, and the highly bearish indicators suggest a relief rally could be under way.

  • Cutera Gaps In Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally was struck by a gap down, whipsawing many long trades.

  • DELL Ready To Initiate Fresh Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Dell is likely to gear up a bullish rally with the robust support of a previous low pivot.

  • DIA: Bull Trap Or Significant Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bulls see a triple-top buying pattern and the bears see a poor money flow trend - who's right?

  • DJIA Undergoing Healthy Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will DJIA carry forward the current bullishness in the long term?

  • DJIA Undergoing Steady Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Dow Jones Industrial Average is likely to climb steadily and with robust support.

  • DLTR Rally Under Threat?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The upward rally of Dollar Tree is almost exhausted. Will the ascending channel break downward?

  • DMND Undergoing Trend Reversal Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The technical charts of Diamond Foods gives two different views. Will the bullish trend reversal succeed?

  • Dark Cloud Cover Caps Bond Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A reversal pattern brings the bearishness of the stock market to the world of bonds.

  • Declining Volume + Rally = Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bounce at the end of January in the QQQQ had everything a bull would want--except for strong volume trends.

  • Diamond, Sawtooth, And Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...About the curiously bullish year-long commodity odyssey.

  • Dollar Ready To Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has retraced from its January 2012 highs and is at a low-risk entry point.

  • Dow Chemical: Powerful Rally in Place

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Dow Chemical (DOW) have surged by nearly 13% in the last eight days, with more near-term gains possible.

  • Dow Jones 30 Rally Done?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the rally in the Dow Jones 30 done for? Analysis of multiple indicators would indicate that it likely is.

  • E-Trade Financial : More Fifth Wave Rally Due?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by nearly 110% since mid-summer 2012, shares of E-Trade Financial have pulled back to a minor support area. Is a new rally to be expected?

  • EWS Undergoes Weak Pullback Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On the face of weak momentum indicators and the trend under pressure, the bulls lose their steam.

  • Emini S&P Toward The End Of The Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Prices are consolidating close to recent highs.

  • F/PS Starts Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Ford Motor Co. Capital Trust II has started a fresh move now that the moving average resistance has been violated.

  • FEIC Resuming Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The technical indicators are likely to add negative pressure on the breakout journey of FEIC.

  • Fleeting Hope For Thanksgiving Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Key technical factors reveal that the markets are at a critical turning point -- which way will it go?

  • For Feeder Cattle Futures Who Have Considered Cup With Handle Patterns When The Rally Wasn't Enuf

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Has the bull market in cattle futures run out of steam? A look at the hourly chart of October feeder cattle suggests not.

  • For PCLN, End Of The Line For Current Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of have enjoyed an epic runup in price over the past few months. Is the current decline a buying opportunity or the start of a major trend reversal?

  • Freeport-McMoran: More Rally Ahead?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With such strong support in the 30.00-31.00 area, might FCX be pulling back one more time before a major rally ensues?

  • Gold Rally Cools Amid Impressive Resilience Of Stock Markets

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Gold goes in consolidation mode after recent sharp gains as investors await direction from stock markets and central banks, with the coronavirus lockdown measures easing a little in a few places.

  • Has Research In Motion Beaten The Bear Rally Blues?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Research In Motion's (RIM) chart shows what counts in the short term. RIM has posted a smaller-than-expected loss in its fiscal first quarter of 2002, but also lowered financial guidance for the overall year.

  • Health Care Index Rally Restricted

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Is the Health Care Provider Index undergoing a short-term downtrend?

  • Ho Ho Ho! It's The Santa Claus Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can there be big price moves hidden in those stockings?

  • Ho Ho Ho, Is That An Xmas Rally I See?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Will there be a Xmas rally this year?

  • IWM: Could US Small Caps Join The Large Cap Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The iShares Russell 2000 (IWM), which is an exchange traded fund (ETF) seeking to track the investment results of an index composed of small-cap US equities, looks poised for a bullish breakout. But will it be successful?

  • Infosys Undergoes Volatile Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Infosys is trying to get back to its former highs. Whether it will give good trading opportunity as it does so is questionable.

  • Intel Corp. - Is It A Corrective Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The stock of Intel Corp. has plunged a few points. Is it a serious correction or a pullback?

  • Intel Overdue For A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Down by nearly 31% since early May 2012, shares of Intel Corp. may be getting ripe for a bullish trend reversal.

  • Is Cato Corp.'s Breakout Rally Under Siege?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Cato Corp. has moved out of two strong bullish patterns and breached the long-term moving average resistance.

  • Is The Rally In Devon Energy Almost Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even though Devon has reached my ultimate upside target, current market sentiment is not indicative of a significant top.

  • Is The Rally In The US Dollar Index Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index has rallied since late December, but this strength may be coming to an end.

  • JC Penney: Bear Rally into Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Despite returning worse than expected Q3 earnings, shares of JC Penney gap higher -- right into a key resistance zone.

  • JNJ: A Final Rally Before Trend Reversal?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Up by as much as 55% between June 2012 and November 2013, shares of Johnson and Johnson may be ready to stall and reverse lower.

  • June Crude Rally Retreats At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Three months' worth of price consolidation prove a barrier to crude oil's attempt to move higher in early March.

  • KEG Consolidating Until The Next Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Key Energy Services staged a steady 11-week rally between November 2012 and February 2013, but more sideways or downside action is likely before another leg higher can commence.

  • Light Crude Tests Rally Top

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting a bottom in November, June crude has gained more than 20%. Does a second failed test of the rally high mean the party's over for the bulls?

  • Looks Like the Dow is Set for a Possible Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A previously identified broadening pattern is now coming into play and a candlestick pattern hints at short term outcome.

  • Measuring The Strength Of A Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Before entering a trade, it pays to measure one indicator that says much about a market.

  • Minor Rally Or Significant Fall For The S&P 500?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The major market indexes are nearing a critical juncture that will lead to either a minor rally or a significant fall. But which one?

  • More Downside For AEM, Then A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Agnico-Eagle Mines, Ltd., rose more than 66% between early April and mid-September 2012. Is this party finally over?

  • Moving Average Crossover = Fresh Rally In QCOM

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A fresh upward move can be expected in Qualcomm.

  • NASDAQ Rally Is Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The NASDAQ has broken down below its upsloping trendline, signaling that the upward rally off the March low has come to an end and a new trend has begun. Is this new rally a trading range, a more shallow upward rally, or a major trend reversal?

  • NY Composite Technicals, Breadth Still Positive For 2009 Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Having gained as much as 29% since making a major low in November 2008, the New York Composite Index now resides near its 50-day exponential moving average. Is another downleg due, or is this just a pause before running even higher?

  • Negative Divergences Enjoin The Gold Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...While more upside is still likely, the easy money might already have been made in gold stocks.

  • Netflix: Powerful Rally Stretching Limits?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Netflix, Inc. shares are surging in the wake of a one for seven stock split — but for how much longer?

  • PJC Waiting For Breakout Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Piper Jaffray Corp. has undergone a bullish breakout. Will the breakout initiate a fresh rally or plunge back into a bearish area?

  • Pfizer May See A Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A small range-bound rally may complete the cup with handle pattern. The bullish breakout of the pattern may attract new traders.

  • Precious Metals Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Are the strong moves up in Gold and Silver long-term bull markets?

  • Predicting The Santa Claus Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...One of the many uses of statistical analysis in the discipline of statistics is making forecasts using known data. Here I use statistical analysis to forecast the expected price range of the Santa Claus rally.

  • Corrective Wave Pattern After Massive Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After rising by more than 7,000% in eight years, shares of are now firmly in corrective wave mode.

  • Procter And Gamble Rally Approaching Its End?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of Procter & Gamble appear to be close to the termination point of their latest four-month rally.

  • QQQQ Rally Complete?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear market rally that started in mid-March now looks complete. If the Elliott wave count is correct, then the bear market that started at the end of October 2007 for QQQQ has now resumed.

  • R2K Intraday Rally, Stall, Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...By watching the reaction of prices in areas of trendline/Fibonacci support and resistance levels, traders can gain extra confidence as they anticipate strong reversal and continuation moves.

  • Rally In Your Eye

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...On the penultimate day of bulllish seasonals, the market sends shorts scurrying for the exits.

  • Rally Showing Signs of Fatigue

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As this rally moves into the third month, it is beginning to show its age. Is it simply taking a breather, or is it running out of gas?

  • Rate Rally Retreats At Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Resistance at the upper boundary of a trend channel sets up a short-term 2B top and a pullback in yields.

  • Ready To Rally? Ford Forms A Bullish Wedge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Bullish wedges are corrections in an upmove. Often the price of a stock in such a correction will retrace to a major support level. From there a resumption of the uptrend may be expected. Ford has made one such bullish wedge, correcting to major support

  • Really? A Short-Term R2K Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bear market is far from complete, but for intraday traders, there are always plenty of bullish setups in various small-scale time frames. Here's a look at a potentially bullish setup in the emini Russell 2000 futures contract.

  • Return Of The Son Of Another Rate Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An old support level turned resistance suggests that prices for 10-year notes are likely to continue lower before moving higher.

  • Runaway Gap At Rediff: Exhaustion Of A Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a dream run from a mere $7 to $22 in just four months, still shows no signs of a slowdown.

  • Russell 2000 Rally To Continue?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Russell 2000 has just completed a successful 38% retracement of the March 2009 to April 2010 bull run, and now, two volume-based indicators suggest that this key small-cap index may have another few weeks to run higher.

  • SWK: Earnings Miss Wipes Out Four-Month Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Earnings really do matter, as the major plunge in Stanley Black & Decker shares clearly confirm.

  • Silver Breaks Down After A Vertical Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Words from Alan Greenspan can often make or break a market. Silver has again proven this to be the case. Silver leads the commodity tailspin. But were there warnings of this crash?

  • Silver Reaction Rally Nearing Detrend Extreme

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After every sharp selloff, it's normal to see a reaction move higher into resistance areas. The silver futures market may be at such a juncture at this moment.

  • Smart Trader's Guide For The Next Nasdaq/DOW Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The main indices are coming due for a rally. Here is a prudent strategy for traders taking their cue via technical analysis.

  • Swiss Cheese Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Measuring price-action potential direction in the S&P 500 futures market.

  • TPC Group Resuming Bullish Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After an intermediate bearish rally, TPCG is likely to regain its bullish strength.

  • The Euro's Cup With Handle Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...An intraday breakout in the EUR/USD sets the stage for an important test of the October highs.

  • The Hewlett Packard Rally - Is It Sustainable?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Hewlett Packard had a tough time from 2010 through early 2013 but since then it has shown steady gains. It's recently flashed an impressive bullish chart pattern that's worth examining.

  • The Latest Rally - So Where's The Beef?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...After a short correction, US stocks began to rebound as the Dow experienced a number of impressive triple digit days. But not all is well in stock land.

  • The People's Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's "Down With Gloom Day" and everybody's celebratin'...

  • The Rally In AMAT Halts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bearish engulfing and shooting star may shove down the rally in the stock.

  • The Rally Rolls On

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Transports, triple bottoms, and third waves: the three Ts of higher stock prices in the near term.

  • The Rally That Was

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Intermediate top patterns suggest declines are nearer than further advances.

  • The Rate Rally Cometh

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Remember those lazy, hazy, crazy days of falling long-term interest rates?

  • The Short-Term Rally Of GS

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Goldman Sachs Group is extremely bullish.

  • The Summer Rally This Fall

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Nothing could be finer than a head and shoulders bottom in the SPDRs ...

  • The Summer Rally: Fact Or Fiction? by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Summer Rally: Fact Or Fiction? by Arthur A. Merrill, C.M.T. The ""summer rally"" appears in some years and is completely absent in others. Does it deserve its name? I've consulted the record back to 1885 and find that there is a good case for a bull

  • The Vertical Rally Halts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The bullish rally of Office Depot has reached an important support area. Will the stock resume the existing upward action?

  • Trading The Santa Claus Rally by Michael D. Sheimo

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Trading The Santa Claus Rally by Michael D. Sheimo 'Tis the season to be jolly and make a profit. What could be finer? Michael Sheimo explores the whys and wherefores of this seasonal phenomenon. Holiday rallies in the stock market are a fact of life.

  • Twitter Will Lead The Next Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Naysayers say the bull market will end but Twitter just keeps shrugging off their predictions and will help lead the next bully rally.

  • UNG: Recent Rally Produces Golden Cross

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Shares of the United States Natural Gas ETF (UNG) appear to be at a near-term top but within a longer term bullish framework.

  • VIP Ready For A Bullish Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Vimpel Communications is ready to resume a bullish rally.

  • VIX Shows Bull (Bear Rally?) May Tire Soon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Previous articles have shown a good correlation between VIX and the main indices -- especially Nasdaq. There is an inverse relationship here as VIX runs opposite to the indices.

  • VSE's Bullish Rally May Halt

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A signal's bullish formation can get ignored by overheated indicators, resulting in a pause in an ongoing bullish rally.

  • WTI Crude Weekly: Statistical & Structural Resistance Confluence Held As An Early Rally Failed

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into breakout and its subsequent failure in Thursday, May 7, 2020's auction. Market structure and order flow provide insight into th

  • WTI Weekly: Buyers Chasing Trend Trap Near Key Resistance Halting A Rally.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rally from key support on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Market structure and order flow provide insight into the actual transacti

  • WTI Weekly: Market Data Signaled Rally Continuation To Statistical Resistance Was Likely

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the rally through key resistance on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. Market structure and order flow provide insight into the actual t

  • WTI Weekly: Prior Key Resistance Becomes Support As Rally Continued To Statistical Resistance.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In this article, we examine the order flow and limit order book data in the WTI futures market that provides insight into the breakout through key resistance and subsequent rally on Friday, March 5, 2021. Market structure and order flow provide insight i

  • Watching The Divergences: Picking A Short Point In The December T-Note Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Waiting for a confirming close can make all the difference between getting whipsawed and getting rewarded in the market.

  • What Big Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Step back to look at the recent rally.

  • What Can Fibonacci and Candlesticks Tell Us About This Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...It's been a good run since March 11 for the major indexes. They recently moved from overbought into oversold on the daily charts without the serious meltdown that many were expecting. Here is what two popular analytic tools can tell us and why this

  • What's Next, More Rally Or A Major Stall?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Even the strongest bull market rallies need time to pause and regroup before continuing higher. Is the current action in the broad markets a consolidation or a major top?

  • What's The Best Way To Play The Gold Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Since hitting bottom in late June, gold and precious metal prices have posted impressive gains. But the best way to play this rally may be to not buy the metals themselves.

  • Whither The Santa Claus Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...There have been a host of calls from both bull and bear camps as to where stocks are headed. The S&P500 and SPY are now at a critical point, the resolution of which could signal a major move from here.

  • Why the Rally in Starbucks May Not be Over

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Starbucks' bullish trading range and "out-of-favor" status with Wall Street may indicate higher prices ahead.

  • Will Divergences Doom The Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Running stochastic divergences in the hourly chart of the Standard & Poor's 500 suggest that the vertical rally that began in late April might be running out of steam.

  • Will GDX Summer Slump Give Way To Autumn Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Most gold bugs already know that gold mining stocks tend to rally for an extended period during the latter part of the year. But what about this year?

  • Will IWP Continue Its Bullish Rally?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...IWP is at a crucial resistance level, and only price action can tell whether these iShares will move ahead or form a triple top.

  • Will The Rally Resume In The Dollar Index?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The US Dollar Index staged a remarkable turnaround from early November to early December 2010, but since then it has been trapped in a trading range. Time for the rally to resume -- or not?

  • Will This Nasdaq/QQQ Rally Last?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As market excitement builds for the current rally, traders will ponder if this will be a significant run resulting in a trend change or just another bear rally. Here are some parameters to help decipher the market's direction in the short to medium

  • With IEO, Calculated Bet On A Technical Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...With crude oil off by $100 since its all-time high and natural gas cut in half, some technicians believe a technical relief rally is all but inevitable for the energy sector.

Working Money: The Rally Rolls On by David Penn

  • XLB Breakout Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Materials Select Sector has recently broken through the resistance area and is heading toward another solid hurdle. Let us check out the reliability of the new rally.

  • XLE: Energy Stocks Set For Rally

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Energy sector stocks are now in a prime position to recover even more of their recent losses.

  • XLU Rally Is Getting Stronger

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...XLU is undergoing a pullback rally in a highly bearish trend. The size of candlesticks along with the indicators on the chart of the stock will help identify the strength in the rally.

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