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  • The Green Line

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Knowing when to exit a trade can work wonders for your trading returns. Here's one tool that can help you make that critical decision...

  • The Andrews Line by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Andrews Line by Ron Jaenisch Here's a charting method to determine market trend and identify reversal points to set up trading opportunities. When Alan Hall Andrews taught investors how to use what is now referred to as the Andrews pitchfork charting technique , he probably never envisioned that this aspect of his method would be found today in many technical analysis computer programs. His goal, through his original 60-page course on the action-reaction method, of which the pitchfork charting technique is part, was to teach how to make money by forecasting markets. His course was a summ...

  • Combining Andrews With Elliott Wave High by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Combining Andrews With Elliott Wave High by Ron Jaenisch The first concept that a student of the Elliott wave theory learns is about the five-wave structure of a move. The first concept that a student of the Andrews method learns is that prices make the median line about 80% of the time. The two concepts are compatible and they are also complementary. To draw an Andrews median line, do the following: 1. Find three consecutive pivots, sometimes referred to as turns or ends of Elliott waves. 2. Label the pivots A, B and C. 3. Draw a line between point B and C and label the midpoint of that ...

  • Can you draw a straight line? by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Can you draw a straight line? by Ron Jaenisch The stock market has reached record highs and the markets are dominated by large financial institutions with vast computer systems to aid them in their decision making. If the average investor turns to the experts who write newsletters, varying opinions will be found. These days, if one doesn't have a personal computer, one supposedly isn't managing his or finances properly. Even with all this technology, the question often remains: Is this the end of the move or will it go further? Now, the investor with even the most sophisticated computers can...

  • Market entry with action/reaction lines by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Market entry with action/reaction lines by Ron Jaenisch Action/Reaction lines are a charting technique developed in the early 1900s by Roger Babson, who founded the Babson Business Institute in Massachusetts and believed Newton's laws of gravity affected the markets. At the heart of the Action/Reaction Method is the age-old physical sciences law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In its simplest form, the Action/Reaction Method shows a trader when and where to add on positions if a market is in a strong trend. This is accomplished by drawing peak-to-low Action/Reaction Li...

  • An after-Christmas story by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...An after-Christmas story by Ron Jaenisch Santa completed his rounds at Christmas and went on a one-month vacation in Mexico. When he got back to the North Pole he realized that it was once again time to raise funds for the Christmas toys. Since it was only February he knew he had lots of time. ""I've got more than $40,000 left over from last Christmas and I'll be needing $4 million this year,"" he said to Mrs. Claus. She answered, ""Dear, this year instead of doing fund-raisers what about raising it by trading the futures market?"" ""You may have a point there,"" he said. ""After all, thes...

  • Fears of the trader by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Fears of the trader by Ron Jaenisch In order to eliminate fear from trading it may be useful to have an understanding of what it is and how we generate it. Fear is actually a form of excitement and the only physiological difference between fear and excitement is an individual's breathing pattern. Next time you feel fear notice 1) your shallow breathing, 2) the things you are saying to yourself, and 3) the pictures in your mind. It has already been proven that what people feel has everything to do with what they imagine and nothing to do with reality. Reality is nothing more than a stimulus s...

  • A CHRISTMAS STORY by Ron Jaenisch

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A CHRISTMAS STORY by Ron Jaenisch Jaenisch, a student of Professor Allen Andrews, reviews some of the Andrews Median Line and pivot point techniques in a whimsical story about trading Santa's account. It was September 15, 1984 and time was getting short. Usually by the middle of September all the raw materials and supplies had been purchased and over 80 percent of the toys assembled. This year Santa knew he was in deep trouble. He needed one million dollars and only had $100,000. He looked at his production schedule and surmised that he could somehow make all the toys needed for Christmas i...

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