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  • A Spreadsheet For Price Ratio Projection Analysis by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A Spreadsheet For Price Ratio Projection Analysis by Robert Miner Traders who follow Gann and Elliott wave analysis use ratios of past price movement as guidelines for possible turning points in the future. Here, Robert Miner of Gann/Elliott Educators gives you the spreadsheet custom formulas for you to calculate price objectives based on ratios of previous price moves. My previous article, ""A spreadsheet for time ratio analysis,"" described how to construct a spreadsheet to project time periods when a market is most likely to change trend. This time, I will instruct traders how to constru...

  • A Spreadsheet For Time Ratio Analysis by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A Spreadsheet For Time Ratio Analysis by Robert Miner Traders using ratio of time cycle analysis will find this spreadsheet version of determining target dates of possible cycle highs or lows helpful. The author discusses the use of projected target dates, along with an example of a trade. As W. D. Gann described more than 70 years ago, markets make swing highs or lows in proportion (relation) to past market cycles. My March 1991 STOCKS & COMMODITIES article, ""Time as a trading tool,"" described the theory and methodology of projecting proportions of past cycles forward in time to deter nin...

  • Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Form And Pattern As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner Pattern recognition has been the topic of much technical literature. From the Elliott wave theory to Edwards and Magee, traders have been told that some fairly well-defined chart patterns indicate the market's position and the most likely outcome of the ensuing market activity, as indicated from a particular chart pattern. While it is important for every trader to be familiar with traditional chart patterns that have been found to be reliable indications of the market position, it is also important for the trader to analyze any individual mar...

  • Time As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Time As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner As a rule, most trading methodologies, or ""systems,"" simply approach market activity from a price perspective. But such an approach is incomplete; such an analysis of market activity is one-dimensional without the other two dimensions that make the study whole. For this reason, while price is a very important dimension of market activity, time and pattern can never be ignored. The key to this kind of analysis and trading plan is to recognize the coincidence of time, price and pattern to indicate change when the market is in a period with a high probabi...

  • Price As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Price As A Trading Tool by Robert Miner A complete approach to trading requires the trader to analyze the market from all perspectives. The three important dimensions of market activity are time, price and pattern. If a trader does not include all three perspectives of market activity as part of his analysis, trading is likely to suffer. Price relationships indicate in advance narrow price zones that are particularly important to any individual market. Every trader should be aware of three important price relationships relative to market activity: Price Cycle Ratios, swing price relationships...

  • Campaign: April '90 Gold by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Campaign: April '90 Gold by Robert Miner Every trading action must be made in accordance with the trader's trading plan. Unfortunately, most traders are very disorganized. One of the most useful habits I have developed for trading is to keep a daily trading/analysis log for each market I am interested in trading. Every day I make (usually) brief comments about the position of the market, potential upcoming price and time zones to anticipate change in market activity, news events or reports upcoming that may have at least a temporary effect on price activity and any other comment that I think ...

  • Time, price and pattern by Robert Miner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Time, price and pattern by Robert Miner This article is taken from the notes of my trading log for a closed and open trade in the platinum market. My trading plan is three-dimensional. I look for coincidences of time, price and pattern in market activity to indicate trades that promise maximum profit potential with minimum exposure and risk. Only when the market completes a reliable pattern, near a time period indicating a change in trend and at an important price level, do I enter or exit a trade. All three dimensions must coincide. The time ratio analysis of the recent major cycles in the ...

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