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  • How Long Will The Trend Last?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...All trends begin and eventually end, but the rate at which they end is not the same across all time frames. Find out how incorporating trend failure rates into your trading can make you a more effective trader....

  • Seeking The Uncommon Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...It may be to your advantage to go where others don't. Instead of looking for just another trade, it's the uncommon one you should be seeking....

  • Seeking The Uncommon Trade

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Are you looking for just another trade, or an uncommon one?...

  • Anchoring Support And Resistance

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Here's how you can use support/resistance lines, swing points, and volume to anchor support and resistance zones. What does a horizontal support or resistance line mean to you? What gives it significance? Traditionally, the thought is that the number of highs or lows that happen to reside on the line is what gives the line strength. Coupled with that is the length of the line, so the longer the better....

Working Money: How Qualified Trends Would End Disaster

Working Money: Price And Volume Disconnect by L.A. Little

  • How Qualified Trends Would End Disaster

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trends can be strong or weak, confirmed or suspect. Here's how to trade using them....

Working Money: Suspect Trends by L.A. Little

  • Price And Volume Disconnect

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...If prices are moving higher and higher, why are they doing so on less and less volume?...

  • Are Leveraged Sector ETFs For You? by L.A. Little

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Are Leveraged Sector ETFs For You? by L.A. Little Find out if you can include these products in your list of tradables. IN 1992, the American Stock Exchange (Amex) petitioned the Securities and Exchange Commission (Sec) to create a standalone index-based exchange traded fund (Etf). Upon Sec approval, Amex rolled out the first Etf product: the S&P Depository Receipts Trust Series 1, or Spdrs (Spy). It gained widespread acceptance as a way to diversify (reduce risk) and mimic the broader market of the 500 largest capitalized stocks on the New York Stock Exchange (Nyse). Others followed, with...

  • Suspect Trends

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...emDo you get the feeling that the trend is changing? Here's how to confirm or deny that suspicion./em...

  • Spread Trading to Reduce Risk by L.A. Little

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Spread Trading to Reduce Risk by L.A. Little What are spread trades, how do they work, and how can we use them? The spread trading strategy receives too little attention even though a well-designed spread can offer excellent profit potential while decreasing risk. Spread trading isn't viewed to be as glamorous as directional trades, so at the risk of turning you off I am going to turn your attention to what spread trades are and how they work; when they make sense; and how to implement them. Finally, I will show you a concrete example of how spread trades work in an actual trade. WHAT ARE...

  • At The Close by L.A. Little

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...At The Close by L.A. Little The Measure Of A Trader What makes a successful trader? IN 1973, Burton Malkiel published a book titled A Random Walk Down Wall Street, where he argued that asset prices typically exhibit signs of random walk behavior and that we cannot consistently outperform market averages. Independent of the questions raised by this and subsequent works, the idea that should concern you is that it is impossible to consistently outperform the market averages. If that is true, then why are we all wasting our time? Further, is that really true? HOW DO YOU MEASURE SUCCESS? ...

  • At The Close by L.A. Little

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...At The Close by L.A. Little The name of Charles Ponzi, the Boston financier and swindler, has come to symbolize the idea of fraudulent investment operations where investors are paid handsome returns by subsequent investors rather than from profits. This activity is known elsewhere as illegal pyramiding, but whatever the name, a Ponzi scheme is where the victim of the scheme is forever separated from his or her money by underhanded means. The victim's greed gets the best of them and the swindler takes advantage. AVOID BEING A VICTIM. WALK AWAY. With so many large-scale Ponzi schemes coming t...

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