Contents For Product Reviews & Quick-Scans 1997

AIQ TradingExpert, version 3.21

CycleTrader, version 2.0

Financial Toolbox

Formula Research

Futura Pro

Inside TA Pro, version 3.02

NeuroGenetic Optimizer, version 2.5

OmniTrader,version 2.5

Option Master second edition

Option Simulator/RT, version 2.0

Product Review: Investor's Reference Library, version 5.0

Product Review: MetaStock 6.0 for Windows 95 and NT

Product Review: Minitab Statistical Systems

Product Review: OpCalc Professional 3.50

Product Review: PC Financial Network©s Maximizer for Window

Product Review: Performance Summary Plus/Portfolio Evaluator

Product Review: Resampling Stats for PC or Macintosh

Product Review: Risk Of Ruin

Product Review: Robert Krausz's Fibonacci Trader, version 1.93

Product Review: The Galactic Trader

Product Review: Time To Trade 2

Product Review: Unfair Advantage, version 1.54

Stocks & Commodities V.15:14 (646: Product Review: : A-T Attitude

Stocks & Commodities V.OptionStation, version 1.2

Stocks & Commodities V.SirTrade 97, version 1.10c

Structure Version 2.0

SuperCharts Real Time, version 4

Systems & Indicators, version 1.0

ULTRA Market Advisor, version 4.13

Value Line Fund Analyzer, version 1.1

VectorVest ProGraphics, version 4.0