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AIQ TradingExpert, version 3.21

AIQ/Stock Expert Version 2.51 by John Sweeney

  • Alpha-beta trend following system Version II, tuning for performance by Anthony W. Warren Ph.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alpha-beta trend following system Version II, tuning for performance by Anthony W. Warren Ph.D. Several years ago, I published the alpha-beta trend following method in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. Although similar in concept to the c

CycleTrader, version 2.0

DynaMind Developer Version 3.0 by Lou Mendelsohn

Inside TA Pro, version 3.02

MESA96, version 1.9

Market Timing System Version 2.6 by Vicki Parker Lee

Mathematica Version 2.0 by Tushar Chande, Ph.D.

ModelWare Professional Version 2.0 by John Sweeney

NeuroGenetic Optimizer, version 2.5

Option Simulator/RT, version 2.0

Personal Hotline Version 6.6 by John Sweeney, Technical Editor

Product Review: Behold!!, version 2.5.3

Product Review: CQG for Windows, Version 1.487

Product Review: CQG for Windows, Version 1.487

Product Review: CQG for Windows, version 2.414

Product Review: Day Trader, version 7

Product Review: Excalibur, version 2.01

Product Review: Fibonacci Trader, 32-bit, version 3.01

Product Review: Insider TA Pro, version 4.0

Product Review: Insider TA, version 2.10

Product Review: Internet Trader Pro, version 7

Product Review: Investor's Reference Library, version 5.0

Product Review: MetaQuotes Version 2.02 by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

Product Review: Meyers Short Term Systems and Indicators, version 1.5

Product Review: ModelQuest, version 4.0

Product Review: Neuroshell Trader Version 4.2 by Dennis D. Peterson

Product Review: Omega TradeStation Version 2 by William Blau

Product Review: Option Pro On-Line, version 2.1

Product Review: OptionOracle, version 2.0

Product Review: PC Quote for Windows, version 6.0

Product Review: Personal Hotline, version 7.2

Product Review: QuoTrek, version 7.0

Product Review: Quote Monkey, version 2.11

Product Review: Robert Krausz's Fibonacci Trader, version 1.93

Product Review: SMARTrader for Windows, version 2.5

Product Review: TeleChart 2000, version 4.0 for Windows

Product Review: TradeStation version 4, Build 15

Product Review: Tradecision Version 1.7 by Dennis D. Peterson

Product Review: Unfair Advantage, version 1.54

Product Review: VirtualTrader For TradeStation, version 2.0

Product Review: Wall Street Analyst, version 2.1

Product Review: Wall Street Quest, version 1.1

Product Review: Wall$treet Money, deluxe version

Product Review: WaveWi$e Market spreadsheet, version 6l36

Product Review: Windows on Wall Street, version 4.0.3

Product Review:VectorVest ProGraphics Version 5.0 and VectorVest ProTrader

Product Reviews: AIM StatNet, version 3.0

Product Reviews: OmniTrader, version 2.1

Product Reviews: Pattern Recognition Workbench, version 2.1

Product Reviews: S-Plus, version 3.2

Product Reviews: Top Step Bonds, version 2.1

  • Product review: NeuroShell Trader Version 6.5

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...NeuroShell's programming interface can get any trader started down a path of building trading systems quickly. The point-and-click interface for the various types of trading systems, indicators, and neural nets that can be created and debugged reduces th

  • Product review: TC2000 Version 16

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Worden Brothers' new TC2000 Version 16 software was originally developed as a white-label trading platform for TC2000 Brokerage, Inc., the company's new affiliated online brokerage. When the finished product exceeded all of their expectations, brothers C

  • Product review: TC2000 Version 18

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Worden Brothers' new TC2000 Version 18 software adds powerful stock and option analysis capabilities that provide almost instantaneous screening capabilities

Quick Scan: Trade Simulator Version 5.0 by John Sweeney

Quick Scan: TradeCast, version 3.1.23

Quick Scan:LIFFE Data Version 3.0 With Lifestyle Software

Quick Scan:Option Money Version 2.2

Quick Scans: Trader's Companion version 1.1

  • Quick-scan: TC2000 Version 17

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Worden Brothers' TC2000 Version 17 software contains a myriad of distinct new features that make it stand out from every other market analysis software and from previous versions of TC2000. Also available is the TC2000 Brokerage, Inc., a separate company

  • SIDEBAR: Alpha-beta, Version II

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Alpha-beta, Version II This generic QuickBASIC routine for computing alpha-beta trend channels and trading filters assumes that you already have a means of inputing historical time series data into an appropriately dimensioned array X(M,N), where M >

Stocks & Commodities V.OptionStation, version 1.2

Stocks & Commodities V.SirTrade 97, version 1.10c

Structure Version 2.0

SuperCharts Real Time, version 4

Systems & Indicators, version 1.0

  • TC2000 Version 12

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Version 12 is the latest upgrade to the now–cloud based TC2000. As long as your computer can run Microsoft Silverlight, you have a very fast charting program at your disposal.

  • TC2000 Version 12.2 Update

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In my January 2012 review of TC2000 12, I stated, ""What is available as I write this is less than what will be available when you finally read it because user suggestions are constantly being adopted."" This turned out to be more accurate than I could h

TechniFilter Plus Version 6 by John Sweeney and Steven Notis

ULTRA Market Advisor, version 4.13

Value Line Fund Analyzer, version 1.1

VectorVest ProGraphics, version 4.0

Volatility Breakout System Version 2 by John Sweeney

WAVE WI$E Market Spreadsheet Version 6.0a by John Sweeney

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