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  • Edwin LeFevre: Man Of Mystery

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Who was this man, whose work is so well known but who himself is not?


    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Headed by a ruthless CEO renowned for his punishment of opposing short-sellers and backed by the wiliest band of directors in Christendom, nothing else trades like this NYSE stock. This month's mystery selection is a carefully selected chunk of 1989

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: April Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Answers to April's Mystery Chart contest ("No chumps and Mystery Charts," Stocks & Commodities, April 1990) were pretty terse, although contestants had no trouble identifying the weekly heating oil price chart. The brevity may have been from the sim

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: April Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...April's challenging chart should have leaped off the page to any member of the energy trading complex. The weekly heating oil chart from July 1988 to January 1990 was indeed a unique opportunity to trade a panic. Action like this -- out of nowhere -- c

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: December Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...We're the first to admit December's Mystery Chart (Figure 1) was tough. We threw in too few hints and, since we used the Standard & Poor's index rather than the Dow, only four people came up with the 1982 stock market bottom, although thousands have

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: First Mystery Charts Results

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...In our first Mystery Chart contest, we were fascinated with the variety of ways traders looked at the same data. From pure chartcraft to Gann angles to spreads, readers hardly felt constrained in generating ideas for trading. We've summarized some of

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: January Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Chumps don't trade Teledyne, which was January's Mystery Chart (Figure 1). Brokers should accept no orders from anyone who isn't well-capitalized, well-connected or just as ornery as the other players. The window in Figure 2 itself shows what has hap

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: July Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...All entrants save one for the July Mystery Chart correctly identified COMEX gold (variously, June and March) and most amazingly traded it correctly for the subsequent breakdown (Figure 1). Since the move was so dramatic, heavy emphasis was placed sho

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: June Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Yes, I suppose I gave away the June chart when I said it was a currency spread ( Figure 1). On the other hand, it turned out there were a lot of currency traders! Picking a winner this time was tough. There were no wrong entries and the quality of th

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: March Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The Mystery Chart in your March issue is a daily soybean chart from about May 15, 1979, to June 23, 1980. The chart depicts a low in April 1980, which preceded a seven-month rise of more than $2.00 a bushel. However, the moves in 1979 and 1980 were d

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: May Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...For the May Mystery Chart (Figure 1), I contrasted theperformance of two blue-chips headed, I said, in different directions despite their industry fundamentals. Which stocks were they and where would they be in a year.

Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: Mystery Charts Repetitive bottoming soybeans

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: Mystery Charts S&C's "how-I-done-it" challenge

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...A true technician loves a challenge and the formation highlighted above presents one. First, tell us what this is and when it occurred. Describe how it would have been traded by your discipline (charts, regression, breakouts and so on). We will judge

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: November Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Picking the winner for our first Mystery Chart (November 1989) was tough, since we received several great entries. But we had to choose, and finally, we settled on Greg Carnell's effective use of moving averages, momentum and divergence. A close seco

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: November Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Our November Mystery Chart is a world-class stock index, the richest in the world. I'm giving this broad hint so you can readily load in the information necessary for your analysis, which will show us what we would have done on August 3, 1990, when t

  • Stocks & Commodities V.8:14: September Mystery Charts

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The winner for our September Mystery Chart (Orange Juice, Figure 1) was easy to determine: only two sturdy souls made the necessary predictions, though many recounted their work on the historical data. One person was right and one was wrong. Our newe

  • The Mystery Of W.D. Gann

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Was he an astrological or analytical technician?

  • Unraveling The Mystery Of Stock Prices by Boris G. Zinchenko

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Unraveling The Mystery Of Stock Prices by Boris G. Zinchenko Here's a simple method you can apply to interpret financial charts. It uses classical statistics as well as a number of simple chart indicators, which may help you better understand classical

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