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Article Archive For Keyword: Correlation

  • Correlation Among Stocks by Michael P. Turner

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...CorrelationAmong Stocks by Michael P. Turner If you are trading stocks, you may find opportunities by tracking the correlation between them. This can lead to different strategies such as trading one company off of another's news, spread trading, and sec

  • Correlation Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...The statistical measurement of correlation can be used to study relationships between the price action of two different securities.

  • Correlation Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Correlation Analysis

  • Correlation Analysis

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Extend technical and fundamental analyses with correlation analysis to forecast market behavior.

  • Correlation As A Cycle Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...As traders know, markets have trend modes and cyclic (mean-reversion) modes. Last month, we introduced a new indicator--the trend correlation indicator--for trend trading, based on a straightforward yet novel concept. This month, we follow up with a seco

  • Correlation As A Trend Indicator

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Here, we introduce a new indicator: the correlation trend indicator. It could help you to identify the onset of a trend. It could also help you to detect the failure of a trend--thereby giving you an indication that a cyclic mode may be beginning

  • Energy Sector and S&P 500: A Look At Pairwise Correlation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Can you develop a trading strategy out of a correlation pattern between two assets? Here we analyze the movement of the S&P 500 index with its various sectors to find out if any correlation patterns stand out

Product Review: Correlation Reports: CSI Data by Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan

  • SIDEBAR: Coefficient of Correlation

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Coefficient of Correlation Correlation is a measure of the degree of relationship between two series. When odd lot shorts are rising, is the Dow usually rising? When odd lot shorts are declining, is the Dow usually declining? Or is the reverse usually t

  • Serial Correlation Of One Rank by Norman J. Brown

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Serial Correlation Of One Rank by Norman J. Brown The one rank mutual fund switching technique is further enhanced using correlation. In two earlier articles, I demonstrated that the "one rank" (OR) switching technique depends on a low-value (less than

  • Sidebar: Correlation Coefficient.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Sidebar: Correlation Coefficient by Thom Hartle The correlation coefficient, denoted as r , is an index that measures the degree and direction of a linear association between two variables. The values of the correlation coefficient can range from 1 to -

  • The Trillion-Dollar Correlation Chart

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Want to know where gold and precious metals prices are going? Look to Washington for the answer.

  • Using Correlation To Trade The S&P 500

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS...Do you want to trade assets that are positively correlated or are you better off trading assets that move in different ways? Here's a look at how a correlation strategy compares with a moving average crossover strategy and a buy & hold strategy

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