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  • Ratio accumulators by William Mason

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Ratio accumulators by William Mason Have you ever noticed how strong market moves are reported in terms of ratios? ""It was a 3-to-1 up day on advance to decline"" or ""It was a 10-to-1 down day on volume."" Ratios inherently give the relative relation of one variable to another. In other words, an advance/decline of 3-to-1 means there were 200% more advancing issues than declining issues. It struck me as odd that I could not find a true indicator based on a ratio. You may be thinking, ""What about the ARMS Index (TRIN) or the Relative Strength Index (RSI)?"" They're both ratios aren't they?...

  • Variable sensitivity stochastics by William Mason

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Variable sensitivity stochastics by William Mason In this article, I am presenting elementary Statistical Analysis of Stocks and Indices (SASI) in an index, three new indicators (SASITOP, SASIBOT and sigma limits) plus variable-sensitivity stochastics based on statistical analysis. SASITOP is very similar to stochastics but uses plus and minus variance (sigma) limits in place of the high and low over the time window. The data is modified for sharper sensitivity. Because SASITOP and SASIBOT are the reciprocal of each other, I will concentrate only on SASITOP in this article and apply it to the...

  • Technical Index measures market breadth by William Mason

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Technical Index measures market breadth by William Mason There are numerous driving forces in the stock market such as inflation, interest rates, earnings, trade deficit, fear and greed. The final output from the driving forces behind the stock market are the various indices such as the NYSE Composite. Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500. These are fine indices for measuring the market results, but quite removed from the input side of the equation. Some technicians try to build models around these variables with varying degrees of success. What I wanted, instead, was the intermediate or tr...

  • Master oscillator by William Mason

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Master oscillator by William Mason Is it possible to produce an overall market entry or exit signal based on several indicators/indices? In answering this intriguing question, I asked myself, ""What do I look at and look for as my first quick estimate of the market trend and direction?"" My answer was that I go to three or four of my favorite indicators/indices and find out where they are in respect to their 10% exponential smoothing average (a 20-day moving average) which has proven, with time, to be a very good short-term support or resistance line. My next thought was, instead of trying t...

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