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  • Stochastic Momentum by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Stochastic Momentum by William Blau A new twist on the venerable stochastic formula was presented in a January 1991 article, ""Double-smoothed stochastics,"" written by William Blau. Here, Blau expounds on stochastic double smoothing in a somewhat different form that emphasizes momentum characteristics. Double smoothing of both numerator and denominator of the original formula for %K of the stochastic indicator aids in obtaining low-lag smooth-contoured indicator curves. In lieu of a single parameter to specify the stochastic, the Ds-stochastic formulation provides an additional two parame...

  • Trading With The True Strength Index by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading With The True Strength Index by William Blau The true strength index, which was introduced late last year in these pages, may be considered to be a cross between a relative strength indicator and a moving average convergence/divergence indicator with many of the desirable properties from each. Creator William Blau, who introduced the indicator to S&C readers last year, explains how to trade with the index. The true strength index introduced in STOCKS & COMMODITIES November 1991 was discussed as a smooth momentum indicator stripped of high-frequency noise useful for expressing the dir...

Product Review: Omega TradeStation Version 2 by William Blau

  • True Strength Index by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...True Stength Index by William Blau Price momentum oscillators are popular tools for traders because the nature of these technical tools is to signal trend changes, something every trader wants to know. The ideal indicator would alert the trader to a change in the trend from a down market, at the low of the trend to an up market, correctly indicate that the up trend was in force until the absolute high and then signal the new trend. While this indicator may or may not exist, my own work has led me to the use of applying various smoothing techniques to changes in price. Many changes in price fr...

  • Double-Smoothed Momenta by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Double-Smoothed Momenta by William Blau The prices of stocks and commodities are usually plotted as bar graphs. In a bar graph, each bar represents a certain time interval, be it an intraday, daily or weekly bar. The last price in each time interval is designated as the close. For certain markets, the daily close is actually a price determined from the period that makes up the closing range. The close, or settlement price (the price at which all outstanding positions in a stock or commodity are marked to market), could be considered the most important piece of trading data. One reason is tha...

  • Double Smoothed-Stochastics by William Blau

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Double Smoothed-Stochastics by William Blau The stochastic oscillator devised by George Lane is one of the most useful and widely used tools in technical analysis. This oscillator is based on the current close in relation to the highest and lowest prices in a specified time interval (Figure 1). By definition, price increases as the close approaches the highest price of the interval and, conversely, decreases approaching the lowest price in the interval. A maximum is defined when price touches the highest price and then recedes. These characteristics are succinctly expressed by Lane's stochast...

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