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Index Of Chart Sentiment by Viktor Likhovidov

  • Affine Geometry Of The Markets by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Affine Geometry Of The Markets by Viktor Likhovidov Think the market doesn't have a memory? Think again. bout five years ago, I came across an interesting article concerning the channeling behavior of market charts. I don't remember much about the article anymore, except for a method using "magic" parallel lines that seemed promising. I decided to try to derive useful trading signals from the idea with some simple geometric transformations. PRICE CHANNELS AND MARKET MEMORY In a nutshell, the premise is based on the following recommendation: When you find a good channel on a price chart, do...

  • The Four Lines Trading System by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Four Lines Trading System by Viktor Likhovidov Here's a simple, reliable, universal system for trading the markets. The creation of a personal trading system requires a personal understanding of the nature of the markets and the peculiarities of market behavior. It's also critical for you to have a simple yet universal and reliable strategy from the beginning. One strategy I particularly like is based on a single indicator and includes simple but powerful statistical procedures for constructing reference lines that generate trading signals. THE FOUR LINES When you are using the relativ...

  • Light Up Your Trading System With CandleCode Trading by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Light Up Your Trading System With CandleCode Trading by Viktor Likhovidov Market sentiment has traditionally been associated with subjectivity. Here's a method that not only adds a quantitative bent to measuring market sentiment, but can also be applied to your trading. When I first devised CandleCodes, I designed them to quantitatively measure the market by ranking the CandleCodes according to typical interpretations. To put it simply, the CandleCode assigns a rank to each candlestick. A strongly bearish candle will have a very low rank, whereas one with less bearish sentiment will get a sl...

  • Flexible Candlesticks by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Flexible Candlesticks by Viktor Likhovidov In the November 1999 STOCKS & COMMODITIES, Viktor Likhovidov introduced a method by which candlesticks, a subjective charting technique, could be used to develop objective, quantitative values -- values that could be used in software for trading. In this latest offering, Likhovidov adds flexibility to his basic method, known as CandleCodes, and in this way garners market sentiment results for different types of markets. CandleCodes, which I introduced in an article for STOCKS & COMMODITIES in 1999, are intended to make objective the popular but very ...

  • Coding Candlesticks (II) by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Analyzing Candlesticks Quantitatively Coding Candlesticks (II) Few charting innovations have become so widely accepted in the US since their introduction from Japan as candlesticks. Until Viktor Likhovidov's article in the November 1999 issue of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, their interpretation was subjective. In his article, however, he showed how to develop quantitative values for candlesticks -- values that could be used in software to create indicators for trading. His proposal did draw one critique, from Jan W.E. Roberts (see "Letters to the Editor"). We thought the results of their exchange and...

  • The Folding Rule by Viktor Likhovidov

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Folding Rule by Viktor Likhovidov How about a simple charting technique to ride the wave and get off in a timely manner? Here's a reversal pattern I frequently observe on hourly charts of currencies and sometimes use in trading. I call it the folding rule due to its resemblance to the carpenter's tool. This pattern appears on accelerating markets, as shown in the hourly chart of the yen for March 1999 (Figure 1). Here, trendline 1 (the first ray of the folding rule), drawn through two local minimums as a support line, determines the initial direction of the growing market. But then the ...

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