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  • The Grand Illusion

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Is the economy as strong as it looks? The charts may suggest the economy is strong but the real answer lies between the price bars. Let's take a peek...

  • The Reckoning

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Dow theory, revisited. Yes, this concept from a century ago still applies to today's markets...

  • Dow Theory Direction by Tim W. Wood, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Dow Theory Direction by Tim W. Wood, CPA Why do opinions on Dow theory so often vary, and why do Dow theory "signals" so often fail? Typically, there is one common denominator that becomes immediately apparent in most articles about Dow theory: too many of the authors of those articles have not studied the original writings of Charles H. Dow, William Peter Hamilton, or Robert Rhea. These original writings and particularly those of Robert Rhea are essential if we are to understand what has come to be known as Dow theory. The only other person I know who has studied the original writings by Do...

  • Did Dow Theory Fail? by Tim W. Wood, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Did Dow Theory Fail? by Tim W. Wood, CPA Here's a look at the chain of events that have taken place since 2002 and what we can learn from them. AS the Dow Jones industrials topped out in 2000 and plunged nearly 38% into the 2002 low, every indication, according to Dow theory, was that an extended secular bear market had begun. In addition, because of Dow theory phasing along with the normal bull and bear market relationships, indications were that this was the rally separating phase I from phase II of a much longer-term bear market. So what went wrong? I will examine the chain of events that...

Working Money: When Will This Cruel Market Be Over? by Tim W. Wood, CPA

  • When Will This Cruel Bear Market Be Over?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The secrets of cycles combined with Dow Theory is a powerful combination for market forecasting....

  • What Can Market Cycles Tell Us? by Tim W. Wood, CPA

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Secrets Of Cycles And What They Can Reveal What Can Market Cycles Tell Us? by Tim W. Wood, CPA Everything in nature moves in cycles -- the solar system, the migration of geese, sleep patterns. Of more immediate interest to traders are cycles in the agricultural and financial markets. Cycle analysis is the one approach that can provide relatively accurate time and price projections. ""Usually, the effect of cycles is of only passing interest to market analysts and traders, unless the cycles in question are related to market prices and can be used to identify tops and bottoms of price movem...

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