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  • Equivolume & Candlesticks: Together At Last

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...It's the best of both worlds. Find out how this new and improved charting tool -- the Arms Candlevolume -- can help you identify where the strength is in any market....

  • Cross Your Arms by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Cross Your Arms by Richard W. Arms Jr. The dinner had been marvelous, the wine had been perfect, and now my wife and I were arriving at the theater. I knew we were right on time, and I had the tickets in my inside coat pocket. As we walked up to the entrance we realized that the theater was dark, and when we tried the door it was locked. I looked at the tickets, of course -- and found that we were a night too early. The show would not open until the next evening. We had done everything right except the timing. It was the right show at the right theater, but we had wasted our energy because of ...

  • Using The Arms Index In Intraday Applications by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Using The Arms Index In Intraday Applications by Richard W. Arms Jr. A few weeks ago, I received a call from an analyst who had read a number of my recent articles in STOCKS & COMMODITIES and had an interesting question. ""I've developed a new index to measure the market and want to know how I can have it named after me,"" he said. My somewhat facetious advice was, ""All you need to do is wait about a quarter century, have a lot of luck and have some very good friends!"" I wish I could have been more helpful to the gentleman, but there really was no better answer. He was referring, of course...

  • Right On Target by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Right On Target by Richard W. Arms Jr. I used to buy stocks and commodities in the same manner in which Columbus sailed to the New World: I didn't know where I was going when I started out, and when I got there I didn't know where I was. It was a great adventure in exploration, with high hopes at the beginning and self-doubt along the way. Of course, the trip was not randomly chosen. I believed, as Columbus did, that success lay at the end of the journey, and many times it did. Unlike Columbus, however, when I got to my destination I didn't always recognize the fact that I had arrived and get...

  • Ease of movement by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Ease of movement by Richard W. Arms Jr. On occasion it seems as though a stock or commodity must have discovered anti-gravity. It moves upward with little effort. Such a move is characterized by increasing volume but similarly increasing price spread on the upside, and the intervening pullbacks entail lighter volume and tighter price spreads. When such a stock or commodity is on the move there can be little trouble recognizing its strength. To short it at such a time can be hazardous to one's financial health! At other times, however, moving a stock higher is much like Sisyphus trying to rol...

  • Volume-adjusted moving averages by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Volume-adjusted moving averages by Richard W. Arms Jr. A moving average line is just that. It smoothes price over time, reducing erratic, shorter-term swings to a smoother, more comprehensible line. Any changes in the parameters of the moving average line, such as the time involved, the weighting, the offsetting of the print and so forth, are only attempts to make the smoothing more informative. However, there has been no real change in that the analysis is still dependent on only two factors: the price of the stock, commodity or average being studied, and the time period. This is not to say...

  • Are there gaps in your thinking? by Richard W. Arms Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Are there gaps in your thinking? by Richard W. Arms Jr. Usually in the use of technical analysis we are concerned with what happened and how it happened in order to predict what will happen. But there are times when what didn't happen can be as important as what did happen. Consider the stock that looked ready to break out into new high ground: It approached the old highs and then died. The fact that it refused to go above the old resistance was a very important non-message. Then there was the stock that was expected to find support at the same level that it had held three times before, but i...

  • What volume is it? by Richard W. Arms, Jr.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...What volume is it? by Richard W. Arms, Jr. Markets often seem unpredictable and erratic. They give the impression of being disorganized because they do not always behave as we think they should. We live by clocks and schedules, yet all too often prices do not behave in such a manner as to meet our schedules. Therefore we think they are illogical, even irrational. Perhaps, however, it is our own lack of perception into the market that is the cause of our frustration. Maybe we are trying in vain to impose on the market our world of clocks and calendars. Could it be that a better measure of the...

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