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  • In Search Of The Best Trend

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...There are so many ways to measure trends that it becomes difficult to identify which one to use. Here we compare five systems that each use a different method of determining trend, and we analyze the results to see which ones top the list...

  • Profit-Taking And Resets Part 1: Trend-Following

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...In this first part of a two-part series, we look at long-term trends and different ways to take profits and reenter trades...

  • Profit-Taking And Resets Part 2: Short-Term Trading

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trends can be useful for longer-term trades but what about short-term trades? Do they work just as well? Here's a look at a trading system that can be applied successfully to shorter-term trends...

  • Optimization - Getting It Right

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Creating a trading system is hard work and we want our system to work well. Oftentimes, we get carried away by trying to tweak it so it works the way we want it to. But that can lead to unrealistic results. Here's one way to set realistic expectations when optimizing trading systems...

  • VIX Or Historical Volatility?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Position sizing is an often overlooked variable when it comes to strategizing your trades. There are different ways to decide how big your positions should be and here we look at a unique approach to size your positions using volatility...

  • The Return Of High Momentum

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...There's no right or wrong way to look at the market. The reality is that with so many choices, you can get creative with your analysis techniques. Here's a look at how to combine two related indexes and use opposite strategies for each...

  • Timing The Market With Pairs Logic

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Fundamentally different strategies, drawing from a broad set of markets, will offer better risk protection during times of market stress than any one strategy, regardless of the markets selected for the portfolio. In this article, you will get an overview of a timing method that you can implement in your trading, followed by the mechanics of that system....

  • Slope Divergence: Capitalizing On Uncertainty

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...It's a classic chart pattern and many traders use it, yet divergence patterns that could generate profits are easy to miss. Here's one way to automate identifying profit-making divergence patterns....

  • On Profit-Taking by Perry J. Kaufman

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...On Profit-Taking by Perry J. Kaufman Taking a profit should be so easy, but it never seems to be. Why is that? Veteran market analyst Perry Kaufman explains the whys and hows and also explains how profit-taking has advantages over straight trend-following. If you were to ask a trend-follower, "How do you trade successfully?" the answer would be, "Let your profits run and cut your losses short." That seems to be the philosophy underlying trend-following programs. One of the most stunning examples is gold, which in January 1980 skyrocketed from $100 an ounce to $850 an ounce. During the period...

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