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  • Value At Risk For The Small Investor

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Protecting your capital and limiting losses is fundamental to trading. But how can you estimate your possible losses for better risk management? Here's a method you can use...

  • Volume--Volatility Relationship

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Volume can tell plenty about what to expect in the market. It may be worth your while to keep an eye on what volume is doing. On its own, it's an all-powerful indicator. Combine it with price movement and time, and you may get a trading edge...

  • Deconstructing Granville's On-Balance Volume

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...What does this classic indicator actually measure, and how? What's the best way to use it? Taking a close look at its components can provide answers...

  • Measuring Risk With The Normalized Risk Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Risk - there are many ways to measure it, but how effective are they? Here's one measure that is versatile and suitable for just about any type of risk profile...

  • Volatility: What's The Best Measure?

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Volatility has often been measured by standard deviation but there are other ways to look at volatility. Here we look at how true range can be used as a reliable volatility measure...

  • Estimating The Fractal Dimension Of Stock Prices

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Are markets completely random and unpredictable, or are they partially predictable? Here, we explore how the fractal dimension (or the related Hurst exponent) of a stock or index price series can help answer this question...

  • Gain Probability Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...You have to know (or estimate) your probability of gain and your payoff odds before entering a trade, but how do you estimate gain probability and payoff odds? Let's find out...

  • Wilder's RSI: Extending The Time Horizon

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The relative strength index (RSI) is a popular indicator among traders, but how do you figure out how many price bars to include in its calculation, or how high is high, or how low is low? Here's one way to do it....

  • Defining Stock Trends With The RSI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The relative strength index (RSI) is considered an indicator to apply when markets are range-bound. But here's one way you can use the RSI to identify intermediate- and long-term trends in the equity markets....

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