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  • The Ratio Of Inflation Rates And Currency Trends by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...V.13:06: (252-254): The Ratio Of Inflation Rates And Currency Trends by John Kean Exchange rates fluctuate on a second to second basis, but the long-term trends can be understood by using an indicator based on the ratio of inflation rates. The case in point? The recent Mexican peso debacle. Picture this: A robust developing economy, a democratically maturing political system and a newly adopted treaty eliminating trade tariffs with the world's greatest consumer economy (which also happens to be its northern neighbor). A situation like this could only point to good investment times ahead, w...

  • Determining Leverage For Trading Systems by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Determining Leverage For Trading Systems by John Kean When your trading's going your way, you're apt to think about leveraging your trading based on your success in hindsight. However, leveraging can be a two-edged sword when it comes to profits and drawdowns. Admit it. Getting rich quick has a certain allure, but pursuing it as a goal seldom pays off. In the world of trading, fast or instant wealth plans usually involve the use of leverage far and above what is reasonable. Often, those at risk don't realize what's involved, and they don't realize that overleveraging an otherwise profitable ...

  • Stock Market Risk: A Monthly Look by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Stock Market Risk: A Monthly Look by John Kean Have you ever wanted to know what the actual statistics of the month-to-month risk in the stock market are? This article looks at the question and formulates a possible reason. Most stock market analysis focuses on whether prices will rise or fall, with much less attention given to the question of drawdowns, or lows. Occasionally, however, even a month with a substantial stock index gain will have a draw down that is beyond many investors' stamina levels. Now take a look at monthly drawdowns in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index from 1965 on...

  • Treasury Bond Yields: A Neural Net Analysis Approach by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Treasury Bond Yields: A Neural Net Analysis Approach by John Kean In this article, STOCKS & COMMODITIES contributor John Kean uses a neural network to look for predictable patterns between Treasury bond yields and two of the driving forces behind the bond market, inflation and government deficits. Treasury bond yields are one of the most closely watched financial statistics. Aside from bond traders, those in the stock, commodities and foreign exchange markets know that moves in the Treasury bonds often set off intermarket waves that spread out like a stone thrown into a pond. Besides the fin...

Product Reviews: Three Neural Net Evaluations by John Kean

  • Using Neural Nets For Intermarket Analysis by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Using Neural Nets For Intermarket Analysis by John Kean Changes in Treasury bill yields, Treasury bond yields, gold and the U.S. dollar affect the stock market in subtle but predictable ways. These are complex and challenging relationships to decipher - tasks well suited to the abilities of neural networks, since neural nets are designed to detect patterns in relationships. Here, systems analyst John Kean presents his work on utilizing a neural network for researching intermarket relationships. Watching changes in market prices and interest rates may suggest that hidden somewhere in these s...

  • Chaos Theory And Neural Network Analysis by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Chaos Theory And Neural Network Analysis by John Kean Do markets have memory? In this new theory by Edgar Peters, an offshoot of chaos theory, John Kean explains, markets can be regarded as nonlinear dynamic systems, and neural networks can be used to analyze and gauge behavioral patterns in price change data useful in prediction. It's convenient that, at a time when the T behavioral natures of commodity and financial markets are being rethought, a new technique for examining the data has appeared. Chaos theory, in its in fancy, challenges the statistically based conventional view of markets...

  • Bond Yield Diagnosis by John Kean

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Bond Yield Diagnosis by John Kean Inflation is usually the first choice for analyzing the forces driving the direction of bond yields, but systems analyst John Kean illustrates that charting government borrowing can help determine the trend of interest rates. Bond yields are one financial factor that stands out from the rest in importance. They are a critical item in economic growth, have a particularly strong influence on stock prices and foreign exchange rates and are often used as a metaphor for a country's overall economic and political health. Although bond yields are acknowledged to be...

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