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  • A 10-Year Overview Of Market Sentiment by Joe Duarte, M.D.

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A 10-Year Overview Of Market Sentiment by Joe Duarte, M.D. Crowd psychology plays a role in the development of market tops and bottoms. In theory, a bottom forms when the majority of investors are extremely pessimistic, and a top occurs when the investors are uniformly bullish. Here's a review of the past performance of a collection of indicators used to measure investor sentiment. In my January 1992 STOCKS & COMMODITIES article, I described a group of seven indicators which, when combined, produced an extremely accurate forecaster for higher prices in the Standard & Poor's 500 index. Over ...

  • Treasury Bond Put Options As An Intermarket Gauge by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Treasury Bond Put Options As An Intermarket Gauge by Joe Duarte Here, ""Wall Street Detective"" editor Joe Duarte discusses using the Hines ratio, a sentiment indicator based on options activity, on the Treasury bond futures market as a trading tool for bonds and currencies. The compared value of one country's currency to that of another reflects the perceptions of market participants. Currency traders closely follow each country's currency relationships, interest rates, politics and economic climate. The primary focus for traders is the interest rate climate of each country, but the other ...

  • Trading International Funds by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading International Funds by Joe Duarte How do you participate in the price movement of the international stock markets using an overseas mutual fund? The 1990s have become the true decade of market globalization as the world's governments and major industrial entities seek private capital to refinance debt accumulated during the 1980s. This almost insatiable desire for capital has both prolonged and increased the volatility of bull markets in stocks, bonds and currencies. With the advent of 24-hour trading, currency interactions and major global political shifts, most investors and trader...

  • Trading Bond And Currency Funds by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading Bond And Currency Funds by Joe Duarte Today's broad selection of different types of mutual funds allows traders to allocate assets based on personal expectations of changes in the stock market, interest rates and currencies. S&C contributor and newsletter publisher Joe Duarte presents his methods to increase gains in a portfolio by including currency-based mutual funds as a choice for instruments. Asset allocation has become a popular investment strategy. In this strategy, capital is usually divided into stocks, bonds and cash, and capital is transferred from one category to another ...

  • Sentiment And Trendlines For Bond Fund Trading by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Sentiment And Trendlines For Bond Fund Trading by Joe Duarte The Hines ratio, a key sentiment indicator, is designed to help traders pinpoint emotional extremes in the bond market. Here, the Hines ratio is combined with Barron's Bond Bullish Consensus, classic trendline and retracement analysis to help traders identify buying and selling points for the intermediate term. The Hines ratio is a modified put/call ratio that refines traditional option ratio analysis by including the open interest figures in the equation. I use the options volume and open interest figures found in Barron's futures...

  • Trading Currency Mutual Funds by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading Currency Mutual Funds by Joe Duarte Want to broaden your investment horizon? Using subjects covered in his previous S TOCKS & COMMODITIES articles in November 1991 and January 1992, Joe Duarte explains how by combining a simple index/moving average with an oscillator, trading foreign currencies and foreign currency mutual funds can help you protect your mutual fund portfolio profits with a simple oscillator called the 10 minus 4 formula. I introduced the concept of mutual funds as stock index proxies in the November 1991 and January 1992 issues of STOCKS & COMMODITIES. By tracking se...

  • Trading Bond Funds by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading Bond Funds by Joe Duarte Bond funds have become popular investment vehicles for income-oriented investors. The bond market, however, is often much more responsive to news events, especially in times of high government deficits and international markets, than the stock market is. Therefore volatility is often present and can be extreme. As a result, technical intermarket analysis can be a useful tool in trading the bond market. Joe Duarte explains. Traders and investors must have an excellent knowledge of the underlying conditions that affect this market. It is virtually impossible to...

  • Combining Sentiment Indicators For Timing Mutual Funds by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Combining Sentiment Indicators For Timing Mutual Funds by Joe Duarte Market sentiment can be useful in market timing, and mutual funds in particular. Here's a method in which a careful perusal of Investor's Intelligence, Market Vane and Barron's can help you predict the best times to buy. Market timing mutual fund purchases can be simplified by close observation of market sentiment. In his book Winning on Wall Street , technician Martin Zweig describes his use of sentiment indicators as predictors of future stock market direction. He describes two in detail: the 13-week moving average of the...

  • Mutual Funds As Stock Index Proxies by Joe Duarte

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Mutual Funds As Stock Index Proxies by Joe Duarte Both mutual funds and stock indices such as the Standard & Poor's 500 are collections of stocks, but the}e is a major difference between them. A mutual fund manager changes the stocks in his collection or portfolio based on his or her perception of the stock market and the investment goals and philosophy of the fund's charter. The components of a stock index, on the other hand, may remain unchanged for long periods. The mutual fund's philosophy and its management style, however, smooth out the fluctuations in its net asset value as a function...

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