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  • The Magic Of Time Value by Jesse Chen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Magic Of Time Value by Jesse Chen With this simple method you can sort through various option spreads and find the best conversion spread. Too often in the world of option analysis, simple indicators are overlooked for more advanced mathematical models. Traders always try to stay delta-neutral or rack in maximum theta. Option gurus tout exotic option spreads, which monitor positive gamma vega and theta convergences. These Black Scholes?based greek and volatility formulas can be very powerful tools if used correctly. Otherwise, the trader could end up being overwhelmed by the number crun...

  • Options Arbitrage by Jesse Chen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Stocks & Commodities V. 25:5 (58-60): Options Arbitrage by Jesse Chen What is arbitrage? Is it really for you? Of all the option analysis strategies, arbitrage trades seem to be one of the most intriguing and elusive strategies. Arbitrage is defined as the buying and selling of a financial instrument in order to profit from the price differential. This traditionally occurs between two different exchanges, possibly between a domestic and foreign exchange where one exchange has not adjusted for the constantly changing currency rates. Arbitrage was made famous in the movie Rogue Trader, in whic...

  • The Lightning Spread And Other Strategies by Jesse Chen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Stocks & Commodities V. 23:9 (54-55): The Lightning Spread And Other Strategies by Jesse Chen Here are some strategies you can apply by combining two or more options. Options spreads are essentially the combination of two or more options. There are six components that you can build from. These are: 1. Buy call (BC) 2. Buy put (BP) 3. Sell call (SC) 4. Sell put (SP) 5. Buy underlying (BU) 6. Sell underlying (SU) You can have three variations on the first four options strategies on this list. They are: ? In-the-money (i) ? At-the-money (a) ? Out-of-the-money (o) The phrase "the mon...

  • Trend And Volatility by Jesse Chen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trend And Volatility by Jesse Chen This combination can help you determine your optimum spread strategy. In options trading, you often either become attached to a few spread strategies or end up gambling on individual calls or puts. Unfortunately, no real methodology can be developed using either of these techniques. A steady and consistent trading income can come about only when you create a complete game plan for trading options. One such game plan or methodology involves the combination of trend and volatility....

  • The Iron Condor by Jesse Chen

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Iron Condor by Jesse Chen Being neutral on the market is different from being unsure. Here's a strategy to take advantage of your view. Neutral options are a sound strategy in options trading. They combine a balanced risk and reward ratio with a high probability of profit and wide profit zone. Neutral options come in three main flavors: short strangles and straddles; butterflies; and iron condors. These positions are appropriate to use when you expect the market to go nowhere or, if the market does go in some direction, the strategy will be able to take advantage of the movement. I'm go...

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