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  • Gann Weekly Swing Chart by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Gann Weekly Swing Chart by Jerry Favors Newsletter publisher Jerry Favors presents another Gann method, this time the weekly swing chart, as a timing tool with which to track individual stocks. One of the methods that W.D. Gann used to determine and trade the main trend of stocks and commodities was what are commonly referred to as swing charts. These swing charts cover varying degrees of time spans ranging from hourly charts to yearly charts. Each of the Gann swing charts turns up or down based on specific rules. The longer the time span covered by any swing chart, the stronger and more im...

  • The Gann Quarterly Swing Chart And Trend Duration by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Gann Quarterly Swing Chart And Trend Duration by Jerry Favors The Gann quarterly swing chart - which is a trend-following indicator and not a trading system as presented in the August Stocks & Commodities - is best used as a compliment with other analyses like most individual indicators. Here, Jerry Favors of ""The Favors Analysis"" newsletter delves into detail about what the indicator can and cannot do. The Gann quarterly chart is a tool that all readers can use with relative ease, but you must know the correct rules for its construction and interpretation. To begin, the quarterly swin...

  • The Trin-5 by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The TRIN-5 by Jerry Favors Whether you know it as the trading index (TRIN) or the Arms index, this particular indicator has inspired variations ranging from an issue/volume-weighted long-term index to this, a short-term trading indicator based on a five-day sum of TRIN. Newsletter publisher Jerry Favors explains. Most traders are familiar with the trading index (TRIN), which was originally devised by Richard Arms. (For obvious reasons, it is also referred to as the Arms index.) Its premise is simple enough: in order to compute the trading index each day, divide the ratio of advancing issues ...

  • The Gann Quarterly Chart by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Gann Quarterly Chart by Jerry Favors Longtime newsletter publisher Jerry Favors introduces a long-term indicator called the Gann quarterly chart, which will signal a turn up from bear market lows when the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rallies above the high reached in the previous quarter during the trading day and not the high reached at the close of the trading day, which is more customary. Bear markets occur when the previous quarter's intraday low is breached. This technique requires careful monitoring of the intraday highs and lows of the previous quarter. Favors points out tha...

  • The Lindsay A-D Indicator by Jerry Favors

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Lindsay A-D Indicator by Jerry Favors The advance-decline line is handy for picking market tops, but lead time is a recurring problem, you say? Favors suggests this variation as an alternative to overcome that bothersome predicament. Most stude nts of te chnical analysis are familiar with the advance-decl ine line.To construct one, y ou simply begin with some base num ber and i f today's advances ex ceed decl ines for t he day, you add t he number of net advances (advances m inus decl ines) to that base num ber. If declines exceed advances for the day, you subtract the number of net decli...

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