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  • Sidebar: Leverage And Commodities by J.M. Malley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Sidebar: Leverage And Commodities by J.M. Malley Calculating leverage and simulated trading spreadsheets using a Microsoft Excel 4.0 spreadsheet for calculating L and simulating trading....

  • Leverage And Commodities by J.M. Malley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Leverage And Commodities by J.M. Malley Malley explains how to determine the appropriate amount of leverage for commodity trading. A winning trading system is a worthy goal, but there's the question of how much to put on in a trade or, equivalently, how much to lever yourself up in a trade. That aspect of trading, money management, is usually addressed with platitudes or difficult and inexplicable mathematics. Simply, risk, which is the probability of losing, is what you work toward reducing when you improve your trading system. Exposure, which is the amount you can win or lose, is controll...

  • Leverage and Equities by J.M. Malley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Leverage and Equities by J.M. Malley Here's how to find the appropriate leverage for stock trading and researching leverage with a simulated portfolio. Deep discount brokerages are competing actively for customers, reducing commissions drastically and cutting margin rates. Obviously, the direct savings are valuable to active traders. Less obviously, the reduced fees could alter a trader's use of leverage. In this article I'm going to develop a technique for analyzing the use of leverage in common stock trading. I'm also going to demonstrate that reduced trading costs could make leverage att...

  • Trading, Profitability and Leverage by J.M. Malley

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Trading, Profitability and Leverage by J.M. Malley Leverage is a key factor in trading, but few traders understand its importance. Here, Malley concludes his work on the subject. Modern financial theory proceeds by developing an explicit model and deriving a probability distribution of the outcomes. By contrast, commodity traders have had to content themselves with the odd gambling metaphor instead of a rational use of probability in money management. However, questions concerning the outcome of the very next trade, such as what my probability of winning the next trade is, are not meaningfu...

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