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  • Refining the Relative Volatility Index by Donald Dorsey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...TRADING TECHNIQUES Refining The Relative Volatility Index by Donald Dorsey The relative volatility index was designed to measure the direction of volatilty. Since it was first introduced, however, its developer has not simply rested on his laurels; here are further refinements on the original. In 1993, when I introduced the relative volatility index (RVI), my intention was to demonstrate how greater performance can be achieved if technical indicators are diversified in a trading system. My thinking was that since the vast majority of technical indicators are derived by calculating price ...

  • The Relative Volatility Index by Donald Dorsey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Relative Volatility Index by Donald Dorsey This author modifies the basic relative strength index to measure volatility instead of daily net price change to generate trading signals. Technicians are often tempted to use one set of indicators to confirm another. We may decide to use the moving average convergence/divergence (Macd) to confirm a signal in stochastics or use momentum readings to confirm moving average models. Logic tells us that this form of diversification of indicators will enhance results, but too often the confirming indicator is just the original trading indicator repac...

  • The Mass Index by Donald Dorsey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Mass Index by Donald Dorsey Range oscillation, not often covered by students of technical analysis, delves into repetitive market patterns during which the daily trading range narrows and widens. Examining this pattern, Donald Dorsey explains, allows the technician to forecast market reversals that other indicators may miss. Dorsey proposes the use of range oscillators in his mass index. Range oscillation is one of the least explored areas of technical analysis. Typically, markets tend to repeat a pattern in which the average daily range (that is, the difference between the high and low)...

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