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The McGinley Dynamic by Brian Twomey

Evaluating Forex Trades by Brian Twomey

Working Money: Yield Curves by Brian Twomey

  • Cross-Currency Coefficients by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Cross-Currency Coefficients by Brian Twomey How do currency pairs move in correlation to their US dollar counterparts? When we think about correlation coefficients between two currency pairs, we usually think about correlations among the major pairs against the US dollar such as the euro/US dollar (Eur/Usd), British pound/US dollar (Gbp/Usd), or their direct opposites, US dollar/Swiss franc (Usd/Chf) and US dollar/Japanese yen (Usd/Jpy). One topic not mentioned in the research was the correlation among currency crosses that directly correspond to their US dollar counterparts. How these pai...

Forex Focus: Currency Congestions by Brian Twomey

  • At The Close by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...At The Close by Brian Twomey This indicator can be used with great reliability to catch moves in the currency markets. Doug Schaff, president and founder of FX Strategy, created the Schaff trend cycle indicator in the 1990s. It is the product of more than 20 years of experience in technical analysis, trading the markets with an expertise in currencies and a masterful understanding of technical analysis and price functions in the markets. Who better to give this generation of traders an interesting, comprehensive, accurate, and brilliant indicator? Schaff divulged the details of his indicato...

  • UK Tax Implications For Currency Traders

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...emAre currency traders subject to the same taxing standards across the Pond?/em...

Working Money Forex Rules by Brian Twomey

  • Yield Curves

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Yield curves can have dramatic effects on the US overall....

  • Quantitative Easing

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...What is it and why do we care? Once you know, you will....

  • Surviving The Test of Time With J. Welles Wilder by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Surviving The Test of Time With J. Welles Wilder by Brian Twomey J. Welles Wilder is an author, market technician, and inventor of indicators and trading systems that have become classics over time. Without Wilder's contributions to technical analysis, it would be hard to imagine what we would have in the field, considering so many of the basics are derived from his work -- relative strength index, average directional movement index, directional movement index, average true range, parabolic stop & reverse ? and there's more that will influence traders for many years to come. Wilder also founde...

Forward Contracts Vs Spot Currency by Brian Twomey

Working Money: Quantitative Easing

Working Money: UK Tax Implications For Currency Traders

  • Forex Rules

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...New forex trading rules may change everything you ever knew about currency trading. Or will it?...

  • Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Which Way For The Forex Carry Trade? by Brian Twomey Apply this very popular trading strategy to 2009 trades. The foreign exchange carry trade has been a popular trading strategy for the past 10 years due to growing economies and rising interest rates. This period of world growth was precipitated by the last economic downturn in world economies (1998) that lasted approximately two years. Currently, with a credit crunch upon us and recession gripping world economies in late 2008 and forecast to last well into 2009, all nations are in the process of slashing interest rates. Where does that lea...

  • The Dollar Index

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The dollar is still hanging in the balance without a clear direction....

Working Money: The ADX And The DMI

  • Using Bollinger Bands With Parabolic SAR

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Parabolic stop and reverse used in conjunction with Bollinger bands work well to catch a trend. Here's how....

  • The ADX And DMI

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Setting the ADX and the DMI may not forecast trends early, but once forecasted, the strength of the trend will be powerful....

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