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  • V.14:6 (253-257) The Derivative Moving Average by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Here's a strategic variation of the tried-and-true simple moving average that uses a moving average for entry signals and the trend analysis index for exit signals. By Adam White To get that all-important edge over other market participants, the creative investor must use methods that other investors are not. Thus, as a technician I am always looking for different twists on reliable indicators and trading strategies. Let me explain the derivative moving average, a new twist to one of the most reliable and best-known indicators of all, the simple moving averageY´. Moving averages are widely u...

  • A Weekly S&P Trading System by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...V13:06: (233-237): A Weekly S&P Trading System by Adam White Here's a trading system based on a price pattern and which uses the Standard & Poor's 500 index as a test case. Should a stock market investor buy and hold, or should he or she attempt to trade the major market trends? The answer depends on many factors, but even the most convincing arguments for buy and hold will not prevent curious technicians from designing trading systems. Let me introduce a system to trade the market trends. The system's performance goal is to add value to stock market investing over and beyond what is subt...

  • The Eight-Year Presidential Election Pattern by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...The Eight-Year Presidential Election Pattern by Adam White That seasonal patterns exist cannot be denied. But there may be patterns within those patterns, depending on how you look at them. The four-year Presidential cycle is a prime example or are we only looking at half the pattern there? Here's a new look at the Presidential cycle. People plan, project and predict the future using past trends in most everything they do, from whether to grab an umbrella in the morning all the way to timing a turn through oncoming traffic. But how far can the practice of relying on past trends be taken whe...

  • A New Exit Strategy by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...A New Exit Strategy by Adam White Most traders search for entry signals for trading systems and use a reversal of the entry signal for exits. Sounds simple enough, right? But what about developing exit strategies separate from your entry method? Here, technical analyst Adam White discusses an exit signal called the CHL/LLF based on two types of indicators for exiting trades. To be truly effective, a trading strategy requires that the trader in question hold his or her positions whenever the risk/reward outlook of the market appears to be sufficiently attractive to warrant it. Typically, this...

  • Filtering Breakouts by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Filtering Breakouts by Adam White Which is more effective as a signal filter, the average directional movement index (A DX), the indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder to measure market trend intensity, or the unsmoothed version, the directional index (DX)? Adam White of the Technical Traders Bulletin measures the performance of a breakout trading system using the ADX or the DX as signal filters. In hindsight, few things look better on a chart than a successful breakout -- a profitable move to a better price signaled by the crossing of an established support or resistance level. But for ever...

  • Filtering Trades With A Moving Average Slope by Adam White

    ARTICLE SYNOPSIS ...Filtering Trades With A Moving Average Slope by Adam White Moving averages are attractive because they simply and reliably execute the ""cut your losses and let your profits run"" strategy. Moving averages also have drawbacks, however, in that they discard much of the information that the market offers. A simple moving average represents simple quantified information -- either prices are above it or below it. Can additional information, in this case the slope of the moving average, be put to use to improve trading performance? Adam White of the Technical Traders Bulletin shows you how. Despit...

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